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  • Hi
    this may be oddball question; but we are looking to replace Google CSE now that they are phasing it out next week (the paid version without ads).

    In our case, we have three installs of WP on our site (which is 17+ years old); where
    a) services/about/company/blah
    b) news system – 15,000+ pages
    c) ecommerce for client services – sandboxed from other systems

    with Google, they would scrape all of that, and then we could use plugin to replace the default WP search in (b) with Google, dropping in search results on the search template, but it would show “entire site” results, not just the single install – where the scraping was not dictated by the subsite/WP install but the XML sitemaps and Google scraping everything.

    Is something like this possible with your plugin; or separate version, or add-on?

    Thanks for any reply. We’re kind of annoyed Google dropped support after we got it all sorted out properly (no pun intended) May 2016.


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  • Plugin Author Andrea Landonio


    Hi Chris,

    very hard question.. sincerely, my plugin could never be like Google.. Google is Google! Anyway, my plugin is very flexible, mostly if in your team you have some PHP developers.

    The plugin is ready for a simple WordPress site, gives a quick way to put data, search it and display the result using a standard WP theme… but in your case you have to customize your code to accomplish your requests. In my job we are working, with success, on a site with a CloudSearch index composed by legacy data, a C# old CMS data and the actual WP data… similar to your situation! In our case we are not using the default plugin search code snippet but with a little rework, using the plugin API we are able to improve our custom CS index searches.. for example, only on single “site”, filtering fields, managing advanced search..

    Finally, my plugin could be a good solution because gives you the opportunity to customize almost all the CS features, however, could be complex at the beginning to understand how the plugin works.. it depends if you’re hurry to change… πŸ˜€
    I can give some snippet of code if can help you…

    Let me know if you have any other question.. πŸ˜‰

    Andrea –

    Really great plugin! I was able to get it up and running in under an hour yesterday. I have the same situation as Chris and was trying some experiments. After syncing the CS domain with my WP install I manually added new index fields to the domain and loaded them using the CS API (via python with boto3). While doing so I included a value for site_id. I was hoping to see results for the manually added index fields within WP when using the plugin but I don’t.

    The second thing I tried was loading the data via the API into the index fields that your plugin created based on the custom post types that I selected when I configured the plugin. There are fields like post_title, post_content, post_url. I then reindexed using the manage tab in the plugin. The searchable document number did not increase and the search still does not show results that include the content I added via the API. This also feels very ‘hacky’ and fragile, but I wanted to see if it was a possibility.

    Any help you can provide to find a solution would be greatly appreciated.

    – John

    Plugin Author Andrea Landonio


    Hi John, what do you mean with “see results for the manually added index fields within WP”? Search page is used for an easy WP+CS configuration… in other words.. search only in the standard fields, if you add you custom fields to CS you need to prepare your own search page by calling the API… I can provide a snippet of code by in the “Documentation -> Works with API” you can find an example..

    For the second question, have you tried to click the button “Create/update index” before the reindexing? If not, could you try? If already done, look the “Index fields” value on top and check in the AWS console in the CS domain in the number of fields is the same.. then let me know.. πŸ˜‰

    Andrea –

    A picture or in this case a video is probably worth more that a thousand words so I created this video to explain what we are trying to do. I look forward to any feedback and suggestions.


    Plugin Author Andrea Landonio


    Hi John,

    first of all, update your plugin to the latest release, then, create a “search.php” file in your theme with the code you can find here:

    Then, try to search “Glossary” as you have done in the video. Does it works? If not, I have an idea of a possible problem.. that way you saved the “external data” into CS..
    Have you the opportunity to add some line of code to logs info and watch log files? If you can I can tell more info about how to debug..

    PS: unfortunately the default search cannot work with external data because it’s developed thinking to a standard WP site. For your environment you need a little bit of customization but be confident that is possible to have a global search working! (I’m using custom code on many site)

    Let me know,

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