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  • I am looking to redesign a current site that I have. It has roughly 100 pages and one component is the blog. I was wondering if I should use WP to power the entire site, even though the blog would not be on the main page. Is this even possible? How would I go about it if it is? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  • WordPress is definatley capable of this, but you may find that an actual CMS (such as Mambo, Subdreamer) has some of the features you require. It depends on what you are hoping to implement into your site really.

    Well, I currently just have a photo album (CPG) and blog (MT) and then all the rest of the static content pages. I’m thinking that a forum might be in the works in the future but that is not for sure. WP was my initial thought cause I use it elsewhere and like the structure and ease of use as far as updating and changing page content.

    There are numerous photo albums that works well with WordPress, and if the one you’re using is a good one you shouldn’t have any major problems making them work together.

    Static pages today can be WordPress pages. You can use the static frontpage plugin to make a non-blog frontpage.

    If you’re thinking to add a forum then that should be outside WordPress, but there are a lot of sites that have managed to integrate it and – again – if the forum is good then it shouldn’t be a problem. Take a look at PunBB for example.

    All that being said, you should consider an actual CMS anyway. WordPress might be right for you, but consider your alternatives before commiting.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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