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[Resolved] Entire Site Blank (but HTML is there)

  • The Web site at http://www.fillmoreutahchamber.com/ is using the montezuma theme, but the entire site is blank. What’s strange is that the HTML is there, as is shown by right-clicking and viewing the source…just the front end is blank.

    I’ve reinstalled WordPress, disabled all the plugins, reinstalled the theme and still haven’t had any luck. And for the fun of it, I added the following CSS into the a child theme css file but still no luck.

    body {
    	opacity: 1;
    .post-thumb img {
    	opacity: 1;

    Do you have any ideas what may be going on?

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  • WPyogi


    Forum Moderator

    Your site has this CSS:

    body {
        font-family: "Segoe UI","Lucida Grande","Helvetica Neue",sans-serif;
        font-size: 15px;
        margin: 0;
        opacity: 0;
        padding: 0;

    The opacity seems to be wiping out the site. Adding this to the bottom of the file brings it back:

    body {
       opacity: 1;

    Weird, I wonder why the child CSS file isn’t overriding the parent theme. As I noted I do have that body opacity set to 1.

    This is driving me bonkers. If I set it to 1, then the fonts are all messed up. It has something to do with this section of the content.css file.

    body {
    	margin: 					0;
    	padding: 				0;
    	font-family: 			"Segoe UI", "Lucida Grande", "Helvetica Neue", sans-serif;
    	font-size: 				15px;
    	opacity: 				0; /* <--- will be turned on ( = set to '1' ) with jQuery
    									after google fonts, if any, have loaded and masonry layout,
    									if any, was applied */

    I realized I also have BPS Pro installed and the issue didn’t start until after I had it up and running. I have submitted a ticket there as well. I suspect a jQuery conflict between the theme and BPS Pro.

    WPyogi, thanks for your help and response.

    I found that there was an .htaccess file in the /wp-content/uploads/ folder that was blocking javascript.js from running. That was set to change the opacity to 1. The .htaccess file was created from BPS Pro and was the cause of the conflict. At least knowing that will help me get the theme working properly.

    The initial setting of opacity: 0; for the body is an attempt (somewhat unsuccessful, IMO) to solve the “font switching” effect that a lot of users were experiencing. Once the document has finished loading, a line of Javascript sets the opacity to 1. You can see the new value by examining a Montezuma site with Firebug or DevTools after the site has been loaded. So if Javascript is disabled, either by the user disabling Javascript in their browser, or because of other reasons, then opacity never gets set to 1. There should probably be some sort of warning or error message displayed if Javascript is disabled.

    If you have other questions about the Montezuma theme, you can post them on the BytesForAll Support Forum.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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