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    The entire CSS file loads in each blog post between the <head></head> tags. Isn’t this code supposed to be pulled from a stylesheet.css file or as I am gathering for this theme – from the database? Why load the entire file each time? When looking at the source code, half of the entire code is CSS.

    As far as I know this isn’t good from an SEO perspective and I can guess it makes the page load slower, too.

    Is there a solution to this? Can the CSS be placed in a file that will be referenced in the <head></head> tag like other sites do? (Like this for example: <link rel=’stylesheet’ href=’/css/stylesheet.css’ type=’text/css’/>)

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  • Hi @bg-foxx,

    thanks for your feedback that’s an interesting question.

    You are right all css is dynamically processed from the theme settings and than gets compressed for better performance before its hocked to the head.

    in the beginning we had a static css file and the theme settings overwrote the static css file.

    But this is less performance. We tested it quite a lot to find out the best result is one compressed css in the head.

    The problem is that the theme reviewer roles do not allow us to add code that can create a css file from the options and save it as static style.css.

    We are not allowed to create or write to files.

    That’s way this solution is not a possibility.

    If you have any Idea, you are welcome to let us know.

    I could also create a style.css file via ftp but this makes no sense for performance reasons.

    Greetings Sven



    Thanks for the reply, Sven.

    I’m not sure I understand. Are you one of the designers of this theme or a user just like me?

    I’ve never seen the whole css file load (even in a compressed form) in the header (but they might exist, I just haven’t seen those). But, from what I understand the more the search bot has to go trough the worse as far as SEO.

    Also, the CSS override function doesn’t work very well – it accepts some of my overriding commands and others it doesn’t.

    I’d much rather have a static style.css than the compressed, loading in the head tags every time. It’s a shame because I like this theme.

    Hello @g-foxx,

    Yes I’m one of the developers.

    We could create a plugin for that purpose.

    In plugins we are allowed to create fils. There could be an option to create a static css file from the theme settings and use the static file instad.

    It is possible to hook into the theme already. So the plugin could check if a static css file exists and tell the theme to use it instad of the dynamic way.

    This way, both is possible and up to the users choice.



    That would be fantastic, Sven! Please, let me know when this css file option is going to be available. I look forward to it!


    @bg-foxx we have discussed it quite a lot and decided to add it to the pro version only, as we do not have any restrictions outside the wp repository and its much less work as build a plugin.

    The option will be available in the next version coming in the beginning of december.

    I have sent you a message with a coupon code, thanks for helping make custom community a better product 😉

    no messaging on wordpress, just make your self an account on themekraft or give me a mail adress greetings, sven



    Awesome! Thank you, Sven.

    I created an account at the and my username is the same like here: bg-foxx. My email address should be in this account profile.

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