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  • Essentially I just want to see the entire blog all on one page. My plan is to save this rather long file as an HTML backup of the blog. I may also use it for printing out the entire blog.

    I would like help coding a .php file which would list every entry with its corresponding comments. I want the posts to be in order (from first to last, preferably) with each post’s comments immediately following it.

    I have 3 authors, and I would like their names to appear with their posts.

    I would like the names of who wrote each comment to appear with the comment.

    The formatting doesn’t have to stay, but it would be nice if there was some sort of line above each post (or below the last comment for each post) so as to break up the posts.

    I am using WP1.5. I have 104 entries, most with (about 1-3) comments.

    I’m no php pro, nor am I trying to learn it (though I have picked up some incidentally) — what I would like is if someone would just let me know the code to put in a .php file, so I can just stick it in the root of my blog, and when I visit it, it will “just work”.

    Please ask me to clarify anything I didn’t state clearly enough.

    Thank you!

    (the thread, All pages on one page has a promising title, but didn’t appear (to me) to be what I was looking for)

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  • Why not just backup your database? Why save all the generated html posts?

    If you are determined, I believe you can just change the number of posts to show (OPTIONS panel) to 200 or whatever number you want, and it will happen automatically. Expect it to take a LONG TIME, but you can then use the browser’s FILE SAVE AS and save this to your hard drive, then go back into Options and make the number easier on the visitor.

    I hope that helps.

    > Why …?

    I am blogging on it with a couple other people I am taking a class with. They can’t use the db, itself.

    I did crawl the blog with winhttrack, and zipped it for them to download, but even unzipping is something they’re not familiar with. I want to give them just one long html file, so that it’s just one file to download, and everything is in there.

    As for your suggestion to put the number of posts to show at “200 or whatever”, that won’t show the comments (if I understand what you’re saying to do).

    As for using the browser’s “File > Save As…”, that’s what I’m planning to use after I have someone tell me what to put in the php file I requested.

    So … I’d still really like to know the php code to output all posts and all comments in order on one page.

    Thank you 🙂

    I woke up and realized that I can state a possible, human-readable version of the code I’m looking for.

    for each entry: {
          write the title of the entry*
          write the date and the author
          write the entry
          write the word comments
                for each comment: {
                      write the date and author
                      write the comment

    * (as an h1, h2, or h3 — or with an id or class — so I can put a border-top on it with CSS)

    I don’t think I really care about keeping all the fancy formatting, so I’d at least just like it to spit out all the entries and comments, and I think that this would do it (if translated to php).

    Am I leaving out some information which would help someone to code this page for me?

    Thank you 😀




    No…. there’s enough info…. it just may have gotten lost in the list… I’d offer to help, but I’ve got enough on my plate already…. The biggest propblem I can see is in getting the Posts in the right order. WP by default nature is going to want to display New posts first, then Older posts…..


    TechGnome — thanks for the optimistic news. I totally don’t mind if the posts go in the other order — that part was merely a preference.

    The most important parts are getting all the posts, their dates and authors, and the comments with their dates and authors.

    As long as they are in order, I don’t mind whether newest or oldest comes first.


    Here’s how I do it, though it does involve a few extra steps than what you’re talking about.

    I use the perpage plugin, which allows me to display lots of posts for custom searches. For example, If I search for posts by month, it will return up to 999 entries. Then I just copy and paste into a new doc, like a Word do. You can copy and paste the comments too. Where-ever you’re pasting, you can set how it displays h1, h2, etc. – I believe the formatting will travel.

    Again, it’s not a perfect solution, but it is a low-tech way for the db-challenged [like moi!] to do an archive. HTH!

    open up wp.php and change the top part of that file from:

    // This is an example of a very simple template

    to this:

    // This is an example of a very simple template
    $wp_query->is_single = true;

    Then browse to the wp.php file.


    I did that and it does most of what I want.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t show what’s after the “more”, just a link which says more.

    I want to show the entire post, not just up-to-the-‘more’

    (also it would be nice to not have the form entries under each post, but I can easily remove those once I download the file)

    more help would be greatly appreciated

    thank you!!

    Zachariah, replace the_content() in your template with the code mentioned here:

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