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  • The Palm Beach Post newspaper needed a new entertainment website. I was the project manager and technical lead on the implementation of the site.

    We have over 6,000 articles on the site. PBPulse has over 220,000 visitors and 1.5+ million page views per month.

    Using WordPress as a a full site CMS we were able to demonstrate the capacity of WordPress to be much more than a blogging platform.

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  • One word: Optimize!

    The site is dead slow.
    It has:

    • 46 JavaScript files (15 in the header).
    • 14 CSS files
    • 4 inline stylesheets
    • 28 DNS lookups (transferring content from 28 different domains)

    Have a close look at ySlow from Yahoo

    Thanks for the feedback. I will take a look and see what I can remove or consolidate. Unfortunately some of the JavaScript being employed is from third party sources like the Brightcove video and the photo includes – so I am stuck with those.

    We are having some issues with our servers as well – much of the performance drag is being caused by these issues.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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