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  • Here we built a site and CMS for a major entertainment magazine entirely in WordPress.

    One of our key design directions was the prominent placement of user comments both on the homepage and the article pages. This has led to some really… er, interesting interaction between the mag and their old subscriber base, since the mag took a new direction and a new editor. This chatter has died down a bit and the responses have been pretty cool since.

    I’d love to hear some thoughts from the dev/programming community on the design and build, more importantly what you think needs to be added/taken away to make a more effective design.

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  • All of which is at

    I think the layout is great, but oh boy those animated adverts (for cursors, I think) give me severe eyestrain. In my opinion that really ruins it, yet it could be such a great design otherwise.

    I love the design, this is exactly what i’m planning myself,
    with no real luck as of now unfortunately… Could you help me out by telling me what plugins you’ve used to manage the left sidebar containing the news etc.?

    Thanks in advance.

    A wee bit vague in your request plugyourearsde, but I can tell you that every story is essentially a WordPress post. Every post has a photo assigned to it. The PhotoPress plugin helped alot here, allowing easy upload of local images and automatic generation of thumbnails. The specific filename of the thumbnail image has to be assigned with a custom field.

    The other two plugins at work here are Adhesive, which lets the administrators keep important stories at the top of the list and a massively-hacked excerpt-reloaded, which supplies the blurb for each story.

    Your Adhesive url has become defunct and can now be found here:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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