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  • I’m reposting this as my last post was taken down… It was seen as a request for consultancy services which it is not. It is a request for information / documentation. I have reworded accordingly to ensure there is no ambiguity

    I’m looking for some guidance or pointers on where I should be looking for information relating to creating an Enterprise class WordPress environment.

    Some background:
    – Hosting 30+ sites
    – Large volumes of traffic that will flex due to events / climatic changes etc. – dynamic scaling requirement / load balancing
    – Considering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosted on Azure
    – Need to provide a company Intranet on the same Multisite environment
    – I need to integrate to on-premise systems

    I’m looking to find accepted architectural patterns to support such a deployment.

    Security is a concern and I’d like to know how to provide Intranet access over the Internet to only company devices securely. Also, I’d prefer to restrict access to the WordPress API’s to non-Internet facing (or network security group / controlled access).

    If anyone can direct me to resources on deploying WordPress in an Enterprise covering any of the above information it would be much appreciated.

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  • The problem is that the questions you are asking are not WordPress questions. They are enterprise/architecture questions. Those types of questions are not suitable here. You would need to have a third party professional services analyze your requirements and provide guidance.

    I architected and manage 4 enterprise WP systems at my work. Even though all are WP multisite systems, they all serve different use-cases/requirements. But the service tiers are the same: DNS -> load balancer -> multiple WP servers -> one large mysql. Your architecture will be highly dependent on your hosting provider whether they are SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS. Im in the process of moving one of our WP system to AWS. I use AWS documents for guidance. Using AWS (IaaS), I had options of multiple architectures. Which one is best depends on your requirements. BTW AWS has secure solutions to connect to corporate networks. I dont know any other cloud or hosting providers.

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful, but it was a really broad question.

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