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    I am looking to push for WordPress to be a solution for our company of 10000 for creating internal content. I’m getting plenty of pushback.
    How many servers? How will we handle updates? Who will support it? What if the plugins for active directory stop being developed? I am trying to make a move that has huge culture issues here and need answers. I work for a super conservative company.

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  • lettergrade


    That’s an interesting discussion. You’d probably have the best luck contacting a provider who has gone through it before. Automattic offers enterprise service through, you could contact them for an outline of what is required, but I’m sure there are independent agencies who do the same thing with custom setups.

    Anybody have any experience with this scenario?

    Not directly, but my local newspaper used it for a couple of years before going Paywall with a proprietary solution. They used one of these two hosting solutions: i.e. – either Cloud Hosting or Self-Hosted.

    I’ve also heard nice things about these folks for handling both the support and hosting for large user bases:

    Disclaimer: I don’t use either of these companies, nor do I have any financial interest in them.



    Is this your company’s first website? Do you or anyone in the company has any prior experience on web or wordpress? My suggestion is for you to find a hosting company on your local area or find a company where you can talk to them physically.

    As for your other concerns:

    How many servers?
    – It depends on how content, concurrent users your site will have

    How will we handle updates?
    – Unless, someone on your company knows how to, or is willing to learn then your company can update it.

    Who will support it?
    – Again same as the above. But like this forums, you can find many other websites where you can ask questions and such.

    What if the plugins for active directory stop being developed?
    – Now this is the hardest part, as you know plugins listed on the directory doesn’t have any guarantee of support or update. It is available as it is, and it solely depends on the plugin author to provide support or update. You can either hire someone to update the plugin if the original author abandoned it or wait for someone to continue it.

    Hope this helps =)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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