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    Yes,I’m waiting for help on that very subject.Where the required fields of address and phone numbers are supposed to be all I have are two letters of the alphabet. I didn’t think it could be 4 new subscribers being difficult … the first three registrants are fine but then the wheels came off with the next 4 (so far).

    Michael J Ming
    Frustrated Register Plus user



    Well, we had the same problem! After the 4th registration, data were lost.

    In the end, as we could not wait further, we used another plugin (Advanced Custom Fields for Classipress… but it isn’t free).

    Register Redux Plus was really perfect, except for this problem. Which, in our opinion, must be solved as soon as possible.



    Still getting the same result – such a pity. I will contact the registered users once again to request that they manually add the fields after logging in and see if that works.
    Strange that I created a fake account with another email and all the fields were complete.What is the problem with Register RP?



    I think I found the cause of this issue.

    If you use another plugin to rename your login URL from to something else, the custom registration form data is not saved and also no user verification email is sent out.

    If you disable the login URL rename and let it be wp-login.php, everything works as it should.



    Here is the code that checks for this and fails because wp-login has been renamed. In rpr-new-user-notification.php, there are several if statements like this –

    if ( ‘wp-login.php’ === $pagenow && ‘1’ === $register_plus_redux->rpr_get_option( ‘verify_user_email’ ) ) {

    This will not return true if the login page was renamed.

    FYI, I have all-in-one-wp-security plugin installed and active, which was configured to rename wp-login.php. Disabled that and this plugin works fine now.



    I’m a bit more confused on your follow-up. However,I took on your original recommendation and swapped the default confirmation-reminder WP page for another page I created … maybe not quite what was in mind … but it worked. I registered a fake name (just for fun) and alternative email, and all was revealed in the “users” area. To double check,I contacted a family member who lives 2200KM from me and asked him to register … same thing,all is recorded … at last I think we could be on the right track … let’s wait and see when a few more registrants appear as they have been in recent days.

    Plugin Author radiok


    I have been working on another project, but I can confirm that if your login page is changed from wp-login.php many an error will occur. I may be able to resolve this with some code. “Rename wp-login.php” filters the site_url and network_site_url statements to replace wp-login.php with whatever you have renamed the page to… I want to be certain that Register Plus Redux doesn’t perform operations on every single page so I need some better way to ensure you are on the login page, whatever that may be. I’ll keep thinking, in the meantime I recommend you do NOT rename your wp-login.php file.

    Has the registration problem been solved? I still have further issues regarding registration in that the only fields that work as they should are the email and the arithmetic problem,after that the mouse cursor will not stay in any other field but bounce to the arithmetic problem; but through trial and error I have discovered a makeshift solution- ie, to hold down the left button on the mouse while filling in the fields and use the tab key to go to the next field – very awkward but it works.

    Hi guys, i’m using Theme my Login to make login page integration with my site. It’s all perfect but I think it use a different login page instead of wp-login.php.. There’s a way to continue to use that plugin and make profiles data saved? Thank you!

    Came here looking for the reason why our Register Plus Redux does not seem to save the users’ first name and last name anywhere. Tried to modify the plugin to resolve the problem with direct wp-login.php references. Code below.

    In register-plus-redux.php, insert for example on line 228:

    // Check whether current page is the login page
    		public static /*.boolean.*/ function on_login_page() {
    			$login_page = preg_replace( '_[^:]+://[^/]+_', '', wp_login_url() );
    			if ( 'wp-login.php' === $pagenow || 0 === strpos( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $login_page ) ) {
    				return TRUE;
    			} else {
    				return FALSE;

    In rpr-login.php and rpr-new-user-notification.php replace all instances of:

    'wp-login.php' === $pagenow
    Register_Plus_Redux::on_login_page() === TRUE


    'wp-login.php' !== $pagenow
    Register_Plus_Redux::on_login_page() === FALSE

    This may resolve some problems, but unfortunately the first and last names are still not saved on our site upon registration. I’m thinking it has to do with references the following kinds of code in rpr-login.php and other files:

    $redux_usermeta = get_option( 'register_plus_redux_usermeta-rv2' );

    The database table options, the one get_option() gets its return values from, does not contain anything with this name. Neither does the usermeta table.

    My guess: The code to create this field for new installs was forgotten from the latest version.

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