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  • I am working on a site that sells T-Shirts. Currently, there is a drop down menu for size (smal, medium etc) Then a box to enter the quantity, then add to cart.

    Is there a way to list all the sizes and have a quantity box next to it?

    Like so:
    Small: ___
    Medium: ___
    Large: ___

    Add to Cart

    Is there a plugin that I need to purchase for this feature?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    -Alex Vasquez

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  • I don’t think that’s possible in any way shape or form – with or without an extension. What you’re talking about would be adding 3 items to the cart simultaneously. Woocommerce can only handle adding one item to the cart at a time.

    Thats a bummer. Can anyone suggest an alternative? The store is a specialty shop and the clients always order bulk amounts (4 larges, 10 mediums, 20 smalls etc) Currently it is possible, but not user friendly.


    Just another thought, what if I had an add to cart button next to each qty. box.

    Small ___ Add to Cart
    Medium ___ Add to Cart

    Just so it laid out a little easier?

    you’d still have to click a button multiple times, so that’s practically the same as having a single add to cart with a select box.

    in terms of what’s possible, that’s not currently possible, but could be in v 2.0 when you will be able to essentially have an add-to-cart url for each variation.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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