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  • Has anyone integrated WordPress and Enoms API into their Site, to be able to order domains and manage their domain via a WordPress Site either via a Plug in or Code to put into a page.
    I’m Lost at what to do. I have a API account at Enom and want to add Domain registrations and basically everything that Enom sells to a WordPress Site, I have searched the Plug ins and search engines. all I come up with in the search engines is freelancer garbage.

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  • Koff


    Just asking the same question again.


    I have looked and looked there is nothing for the reseller API for Enom.
    Man if there was one that person writing a plugin for enom, would make a killing because it would be the only plug in that does it and people would flock to wordpress to be able to register and maintain domain registration with enom and wordpress.
    I would be willing to spend $75 on that plug in that would allow you to setup a store with enoms API reseller account how about you?

    me too!

    Hello people
    your wishes maybe come true, im developing a enom plugin for a enterprise, and when im finish i can sell that
    for more info send me a mail



    I’d also be really interested in a solution like this. eNom charges $249 per year for their storefront and that kind of makes it hard to turn a profit (or even break even) when you handle less than 100 registrations per year.

    I would be interested in that plugin also
    Anyone else?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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