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    Hi Guys,

    I have been using Lite Speed Cache on my site and now i have pieces of code to include in the Post to show via the Enlighter Plugin. But When i Enable LiteSpeed Cache Plugin The Code Breaks and does not show correctly and i have to disable Lite Speed Cache Plugin to make it work. I have raised this with the Developers of Enlighter Plugin and they suggested me below. Can you please advise how to exclude Enlighter Plugin from caching

    you have to exclude the Enlighter resources from caching (wp-content/plugins/enlighter) – simple cache algorithms didn’t take care of the dynamically generate files.


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  • If you use Enlighter plugin on some isolated pages you can exclude the affected URLs from being cached.

    I want to exclude completely from caching Enlighter plugin. The point is how do I do that. Where is the option in LiteSpeed Cache.

    You can’t exclude the complete plugin. Cache works URL related not plugin related. to me, in this case also ESI can’t help.

    Ok, How to Exclude a particular URL for example a post link from Caching ?

    $_POST must not be excluded, because such requests are excluded by default, but I think you don’t mean $_POST. You mean a regular page, where you post content, right?


    Can you let me know which option in LiteSpeed Cache Plugin. I want to exclude Posts not pages. Only my posts contain code but not all posts contain code. So specific post if it can be excluded.

    I have raised a support ticket on LiteSpeed Cache to ask to developers if plugin path can be excluded e.g. wpcontent/plugin/Enlighter.

    “I have raised a support ticket on LiteSpeed Cache to ask to developers if plugin path can be excluded e.g. wpcontent/plugin/Enlighter.”

    This is the path of file system. Cache works with URLs, not file path. You will get support for WP cache plugin only at WordPress forum.

    The example link. You will see the code is displayed correctly as I have removed the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin but when I install it again it will break the code formatting

    It could be that ESI can solve your issue. Cache plugin for WordPress has ESI functions, but I don’t know if ESI can be applied for this case, so wait for response of official plugin support.

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    No, you can not exclude a plugin from cache system.

    and I don’t think “cache” is the issue here , as far as I can see , Enlighter is a plugin that “highlights” certain lines/string inside of post/page , correct ?

    that is pretty “static” content , not dynamically generated on real-time interaction with user (like add/remove items into cart)

    It might be some optimization features that breaks the Enligher functions

    you can try with default setting first and see how it goes

    might be something like CSS minify/combine , JS minify/combine that breaks it , you can try to check these first.

    Best regards,

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    I’m going to mark this topic “Resolved”, due to lack of activity.

    If you still need help, please feel free to re-open it.

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