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  • Resolved artisana


    I am using your theme again for another site, it is just so beautiful and user-friendly!

    I would love to enlarge the body/site content area. I’ve been looking at the parent theme css in order to find the correct code to edit in my child theme, but I have yet not been able to locate it or successfully make my site’s body wider.

    Can you please direct me as to what line of code I should edit in order to accomplish a wider body area in the full width version?

    Thank you in advance!! I appreciate your speedy support- It makes your theme even BETTER.


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  • Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    I prepared tutorial for this one, but you will have to get updated theme from me directly, because it’s still in development. Just write me an email.

    How to use Tiny Framework and its child themes: a comprehensive guide

    Awesome- I just emailed you via the Contact form on your website.

    Thank you Tomas!!!

    Hello again Tomas,
    I just looked at the site on a Chrome browser, and I actually think that it is sized perfectly– I was too deep in it last night and felt that (in Firefox) the content area could be larger. But, again, you did an amazing job with this theme and it is beautiful just the way you made it.

    Please disregard my email.
    Thank you again!! Your support is so appreciated.

    Hi. I love this theme and also think it is sized perfectly but for the design I’m doing for a client we actually want to shrink the width a little. Trying to make it a consistent 600px wide and centered throughout. I read your tutorial but was having a hard time understanding what values to put in since I am shrinking it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    A second question I had, perhaps this is not the correct place to ask but is it possible to have just the home page lowered so its more vertically centered? but then when you click on other pages (About, menu, contact, etc) it jumps up so it fills more of the screen. These pages will have more content, that’s why I’d like it to align higher. The home page will be simple image, navigation and logo so would like it more centered and not at the top of the page.

    Many thanks!!

    Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    1. try to experiment with values and see what happens to the theme.

    2. you can target BODY css class HOME and add margins/paddings.

    Please understand that I cannot provide full answers. The purpose of Tiny Forge – help coders to learn, so my goal is to give you just pointers. But sometimes other community members can add more info.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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