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  • My first question relates to the revolution theme:
    (change layout to left and right sidebar)

    I want to enlarge the header image area to the same size as the Header image area here:

    What size is the header image area of the carmen electra site?

    What files of the revolution theme do i have to edit and what html/css code do I have to replace/delete? eg. Go to style.css,remove the code ?<test test test echo}? and replace it with the code php<test test test>?

    And how do I insert an image so it covers the left half of the header image area, and how to I insert a smaller sized image on the right half of the header image area with some blue colored text underneath it?

    And how do I change the header area background color,what files to edit, and where can I find the html color codes?

    And, how do I make the background of the blog posts and blog titles different to the background of the entire page? What files do I edit and what html codes do I enter?

    What plugin can I use to have a Video gallery section where I embed videos from Myspace and YouTube? And how can I make the plugin button be displayed in the next to the buttons like home,about etc?

    Remember, i want to keep the revolution theme buttons and sidebar aligned.

    Sidebar Questions

    Regarding the sidebar on the right hand side of the revolution theme, how do I insert a site statistics module that shows the visits,number of people viewing the site etc? Is there a Plugin for this and if so what plugin do I need, and what files do I need to edit and what code do I add so I can make the site statistics module appear in the right sidebar?

    And how do I change the color of the left and right sidebars?

    What plugin would allow me to show thumbnails of the 3 most recently uploaded images to the gallery in the right sidebar of the revolution theme?

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  • If you want to customize themes you will need some basic knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS. In general most members will help when you get stuck on a specific complicated problem. Especially when you write in your post what you’ve already tried to solve the problem and what the results were. But members in general aren’t very keen to do your work for you.

    Your post suggests to me that you’re not very well versed in what the differences are between (X)HTML, CSS and PHP. You should at least know what these different languages are used for and be able to recognize the code when you see it. It also seems pretty clear that you haven’t spent much time in the “DOCS” section on this site. So scroll to the top hit the “DOCS” link and search for customizing themes. Although the DOCS section does give you some info about how to do stuff with CSS, it’s best you follow some sort of tutorial on XHTML and CSS. The site I recommend to do that is HTML DOG. If you follow the beginner tutorials there, I’m sure you won’t need much help to do all those things you’re asking for.

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