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  • hello,

    Would like to enlarge the header image and put the logo in the middle of the header. I made the image 940px X 200px with photoshop, but it shows way smaller in my theme. (I found a couple of topics, but they all found it out by themselves and didn’t put any instruction in the topic)

    Another thing I would like to know is how to delete the right sidebar, so only leave the right one and the rest content.

    My website:

    Hope someone can help me,


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  • I found a way to make my logo the real size it needs to be.. now I only need it centered.. This is the code if got in my header.php

    <body class="<?php hybrid_body_class(); ?> no-js">
    	<?php do_atomic( 'open_body' ); // oxygen_open_body ?>
    	<div id="container">
    		<div class="wrap">
    			<?php do_atomic( 'before_header' ); // oxygen_before_header ?>
    			<div id="header">
    				<?php do_atomic( 'open_header' ); // oxygen_open_header ?>
    					<div id="branding { 100% }">
    						<?php oxygen_site_title(); ?>
    						<?php hybrid_site_description(); ?>
    					</div><!-- #branding -->
    					<?php get_sidebar( 'header' ); // Loads the sidebar-header.php template. ?>
    					<?php get_template_part( 'menu', 'primary' ); // Loads the menu-primary.php template. ?>					
    					<?php do_atomic( 'header' ); // oxygen_header ?>
    				<?php do_atomic( 'close_header' ); // oxygen_close_header ?>
    			</div><!-- #header -->
    			<?php do_atomic( 'after_header' ); // oxygen_after_header ?>
    			<?php do_atomic( 'before_main' ); // oxygen_before_main ?>
    			<div id="main">
    				<?php do_atomic( 'open_main' ); // oxygen_open_main ?>

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    Try adding this to your CSS:

    #header img {
        display: block;
        margin: 0 auto;

    Thanks WPyogi for your respons.

    This is the first time I am making a wordpress website. I made a child theme and guess I have to put the code you send me in this Style.css in my child theme?

    Do I just put the code under the @ import url line on the blank CSS of my child theme and it should work? Did this and nothing happend

    So need some help where to put it and how.


    oh sorry, it DID work :O forgot to reload my site.

    Thank you so much!!



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    Yep, just put it in the child theme style.css file – I was super happy to see that you have a child theme, BTW :)! Make sure you clear your browser cache after making changes, as well as any caching on your site. It actually IS working – yay!

    BTW, gorgeous site and place – is that your place or are you just doing the site?

    EDIT – cross-posted but you figured that out anyway – LOL!

    The { 100% } in

    <div id="branding { 100% }">

    should be removed, and then in css add this

    #branding {width:100%;}

    Thank you so much for your help WPyogi 🙂
    So glad it worked. As you saw I just started the website and need to fill in a lot of text and other empty spaces, but it is fun to work with. Thank you for your compliment, learning every day!

    They place is the most beautifull place on earth if you ask me. Worked there last summer. On the 18th of May I am flying back there (I’m from the Netherlands, the place is in West-Canada). While building the site I can dream about the place by looking at all those pictures.

    Thank you paulwpxp, I will make the changes!

    Can one of you tell me how to get rid of some of the white space on top of the website, above the logo?



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    Sure – try:

    #header {
        padding: 20px 0 0;

    It looks stunning – I’m in California and spend a lot of time in the mountains here – equally gorgeous. Enjoy it! And so lovely of you to make a website like this for them :)!

    I added the padding, but nothing happend (for real this time).

    Did you clear browser cache ?

    It’s already reduced, but might not be noticeable by you, try zero value just to make sure that you know it’s taking effect.

    Also you got a space after the g in the markup

    <div id="branding ">

    you should not have a space there.

    In case that there are no changes needed in header.php, just delete this file from child theme’s folder.

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