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  • Jzk for a brilliant plugin. Herewith a few suggestions on enhancements or changes for your consideration:
    1. Uploading of salaah times: Remove the year constraint from the data so that the salaah times can be loaded as a perpetual timetable without the need to refresh it each year. The year value display can be automatically inserted from the system date/time. This will allow for a once off upload with the only need then being to change the Ramadaan times as needed.
    2. Widget Notification Display: Move this feature to the Settings section of the plugin and extend it to allow for specific messages to be configured for specific days of the week, with at least one message that can be scheduled for a specific period. Place the static messages at the bottom of the table, and the scheduled message at the top because that will most likely be the announcement. This will allow for messages like repeat programmes each Tue after Esha, or Zuhr times on weekends and public holidays different from weekdays, Jummah khutbah times, etc.
    3. Notification Wrap Text: The notification text needs to wrap based on the table width. Widget width paramter may need to be introduced for this purpose so that it does not auto-scale randomly. Not sure how this will affect responsiveness of design for mobile devices.
    4. Perpetual Salaah Timetable Responsive Layout: For some reason, the page with the shortcode for the perpetual salaah timetable does not respond to change in device format like the homepage. Not sure if this is a bug, or a theme issue. Please check for an example
    5. Shortcode for Masjid Display: It would be cool if there was a shortcode that enabled a full page view of the times, including the notifications section with the site logo that can be displayed on the Masjid electronic boards. We currently have an issue where the salaah times captured there are manually captured separate from the plugin on WP, so due to human error, we have discrepancies between the two. By having a view that can be enabled on the electronic boards, we can then have a single source of the truth with the perpetual timetable as mentioned in point 1 above, which means no deviation from the annual time changes due to trustee oversights.

    I look forward to your feedback on the above, inshaAllah.

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  • Plugin Author mmrs151


    Salaam brother,

    Thanks for your time for very thoughtful comments.

    1. This will not work if next year is leap year. Also its just search-replace operation. The file need to uploaded anyhow.

    2. Hmm, I need get some more ask for it. I think its more of a calendar/event functionality. I tend to provide some functionality but not extensive. But I am free to meed the masajid if required.

    3. I will have it done iA.

    4. Responsive table is still not a reality. For the monthly calendar I intentionally make it a desktop view to avoid large view scroll view. For daily time table you can use the individual short code and make your own view using bootstrap responsive css.

    5. SubhanAllah, I am currently working on that, for the Electronic board, i.e large monitor. InshaaAllah there will be separate tab for digital screen, where you can make it full page view, removing the menu and footer and sidebars. Make dua, due to the busy schedule it can’t be finished within Ramadan, that was the wish initially.


    Wslm…Jzk for the feedback.

    For point 1. Is it not possible to build the logic for the leap year calc into the plugin, and then simply extrapolate the values for the 29th Feb from the values for the 28th? If the admin wants to change it (although I can’t see why a single day’s movement will be critical enough to change it), they can make the change through the Quick Update tab that you already have in the plugin.

    For point 4. If it drops the sidebar on this page, that will be a good compromise because on mobile, the table is extending behind the sidebar, so it is being overlapped. The theme I’m using doesn’t allow for sidebar config, and my CSS skills are very limited. 🙁

    For point 5. I’m looking forward to seeing the masjid board functionality. Very excited about this! 🙂 One popular feature for this functionality, besides the masjid notices, is to be able to post ahadith or verses of the Qur’an from a list that is collated by the trustees/imam. Not sure if this will be catered for.

    Plugin Author mmrs151



    Your correct for number 1. If anything is calculable that is codable. But my argument is, every year, brothers have to update the time table anyway. All it takes is to search replace the year to current year. The time it will take to code does not really justify the effort of copy-paste-search-replace.

    For monthly prayer, doesn’t your theme has a full wide template?

    Make dua for the digital board. I have a plugin for Qur’an verse a day,, may be I will integrate that to that.

    Wslm…I understand the effort implications on your part for point 1. The challenge with the update of the times each year is that maintenance of that data is usually left to a volunteer admin. So by coding that logic into the plugin, it eliminates the need to ever maintain the times after the initial upload, with the exception of the setting of the Hijri date relative to agreed moon sightings (where applicable), and activating the Ramadaan calendar. Strictly speaking, even the activation of the Ramadaan calendar is possible to code based on the Hijri dates, but the randomness of decisions around the preferred salaah times for Ramadaan probably negates such coding because it will be open to changes for a lot of the mosques.

    I’ll check the page templates available in the theme. Jzk for the reminder. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the progress on the digital board. Wish I could assist in some way, but coding was never a strength of mine. 🙂 So I’ll remain focused on giving you ideas for coding instead. 😀

    Plugin Author mmrs151


    Ok, I got your point. To be honest, this was how I did the very first version but can’t remember what was the issue later that force me to change it. If I can remember, I think I had other brothers who wanted to upload some years in future or something. But I will do it again, lets see how it goes.

    As I said, if anything is calculable, is code-able. The Ramadan calendar can also be started automatically but as you said it is better to for user to enable it.

    For hijri date, I am thinking to add some code to upadate the hijri date after Maghrib.

    Jazakallah for your ideas, keep me in your dua 🙂

    For point 1, maybe make it optional. Enable a perpetual timetable through selecting a tick box and that then ignores the year value and simply wraps the same values for the current Gregorian month each year. Or, maintain the timetable manually each year, which is the current default setting. That way you don;t lose the functionality that is there now, but you allow for the ‘lazy’ admin option as well. 🙂

    The hijri date idea will be handy because it’s always confusing trying to determine if the date is referring to tonight after Maghrib, or today because it changed last night after Maghrib. 🙂

    Jzk for being so responsive and open to suggestions. And remember us in your duas as well. 🙂

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