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  • It would be very useful if the Export function allowed the preparation of several export files, all below what appears to be the normal upload limit of 8MB.

    I can’t see that this would take an inordinate amount of code. Even a plug-in utility that chopped up the raw XML file to subfiles below the desired would be a lot more useful than what there is now.

    I am currently experiencing nightmares transferring from one server to another; starting with a file size of about 86MB which I have reduced to about 46MB by deleting spam comments and inherited posts with SQL commands.

    Please do not tell me how easy it is to reset forty-seven different file-size upload limits and overrides in Windows Server / Plesk / PHP. I’m not interested.

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  • So I chopped up the raw XML with the utility “wxrsplitter” and was able to upload the pieces.

    However, I now find that there are 1,163 missing posts; everything with a post ID >= 16,886. Oddly, #16869 was successfully imported, but #16864 was skipped. This cutoff point looks suspiciously close to 2^14 = 16,384, but I don’t know if that’s significant.

    Those missing posts are not in the raw XML, by the way. This appears to be a WordPress error, not a wxrsplitter error.

    I also note that my moderation keys and blacklist keys from the wp-options table of the SQL were also not transferred to the Export file.

    Manual copying from the database on the old server produces text files of 162KB and 954KB, respectively, so this was not a trivial oversight.

    Well, I was able to import the remaining posts by deleting all the previously recovered posts from the database with Heidi-SQL, then deleting all the references to those posts from the post metafile, then repeating the export, chop up, import process.

    However, I’ve lost all the links from the navigation panel of my theme and all my readers will have to re-register. *sigh*

    That’s not my avatar, by the way. I’m more than twelve years old.

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