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  • Hi and thanks a lot for this plugin, this last update was awesome! Before this plugin I was using BuddyBar Widget plugin but lacks of some things, Yours has all of this but I have some enhancement suggestions and hope You could consider them:

    1. It would be possible to add an avatar float: left before all the links?
    2. It would be possible to add a login/register form (as Buddybar) when the user is logged out and the actual plugin way when the user is logged in?
    3. If point 2 would be possible, it would be useful to have a sign-out button after buddylinks.

    And just for me: I just can not to hide the bullets before the buddylink icons, I tried with list-style-type: none; list-style: none; all with !important in main CSS but nothing happens. Any idea?

    And again, thanks for all your time and work!

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  • Plugin Author Lee Hodson


    Thank you. I have fun writing it.

    The bullets are caused by your theme. The correct CSS will likely be ‘list-style-image:none;’ maybe with an !important flag in there as well. Will add an override in the plugin’s next release.

    Have been thinking about a login button for the menu. There is one for the BuddyLink shortcode but I opted to not add one to the menu for some reason that currently eludes me. I’ll look into it. Will be a good feature.

    With the avatar, do you mean for showing a user’s avatar instead of the button icons?

    Hi leehodson and thanks for Your quick reply

    1. Thanks for the override.
    2. I did a draw about I meant (sorry, it’s Paint), You can see it here:
    a. As I have it now: using Buddybar for the login form before login and for the avatar and logout button after login:
    b. As I suggest before login:
    c. As I suggest after login:

    You can see this live in my site, if You give me an e-mail I can send You a username and pass for demo.

    Thanks again for Your time!

    Plugin Author Lee Hodson


    I didn’t see your reply before my update. Sorry. I like the avatar in the pictures.

    Have released a new version (2.1.1). The new version displays the logged in user’s avatar and allows the logged in user’s avatar to be used as a menu item icon. Have also added a login link and an option to set non BuddyPress links. Menu visibility options have also been enhanced.

    This version is a stepping stone. I rushed it out early so people can get the benefit of the new features while I concentrate on my clients’ projects. The next version might include a login form/log out button option of the type expressed in your designs; depends how much time I can devote to the plugin over the next few weeks.

    Thanks Andrés!

    Hi leehodson

    That avatar is a cartoon a friend of mine made for me, is the site logo, thanks for the compliment.

    The new version is excellent! I tried it an could see some things:

    1. For my users (and I’m sure for a lot of users) the “Change avatar” option is very hidden in BP (thank god You include it in your widget as a field) so I had to modified the widget code to make the avatar clickable redirecting to the change avatar option, because they always try to change te avatar that way. Could You consider it?
    2. The logged in/out option for title and any field is excellent!
    3. The logout field is not working for me, it takes me to a page than doesn’t exists instead of make the logout action.
    4. The user’s avatar as an icon was a good one!
    5. The menu visibility with the custom links works excellent!

    Thanks for all the time You are putting in this plugin, I’ll be waiting for the next version. I hope could help You but I know almost nothing about programming.


    Plugin Author Lee Hodson


    All in all, I’d say the update gets your seal of approval 🙂

    I know what’s happening with the logout button: the logout button redirects the user to the page being viewed at the time of logging out. If the page being viewed is a private page, the page won’t be visible to the logged out user. I should have considered that. Will add a fix but in the meantime you can use the custom URL feature to set the logout page.

    One of the reasons I needed a BuddyPress menu in the sidebar was so I could add an ‘Edit Avatar’ button. It’s partly what spurred the plugin’s development along with a need to add BuddyPress links within posts, pages and widgets. The avatar display feature is not fully developed.

    The roadmap for the plugin’s future includes:

    • Selectable links for the large avatar
    • A custom image to display to logged out users in place of the avatar
    • Notifications or some other basic information to display to the right of the avatar
    • Notifications as link icons

    But, I won’t be able to devote time to the plugin for a week or two. If I can get something out this weekend then I will do but I have another plugin to write and a couple of clients to satisfy first.

    Let me know of other suggestions and I’ll try and get them into the plugin if I can.

    The roadmap sounds great!, I’ll be waiting for Your next release. Thanks for Your time!

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