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  • Using 0.9.1 of the plug-in, and it looks like it has all of the functionality that I need on the surface, but there are a few enhancements that we want to make to the plug-in, and we would like to offer any changes/enhancements back to you as additional functionality, at no charge.
    The enhancements that we’re looking at are listed below

    1) Add tick boxes, and text boxes to the General or SP page, in order to allow the Plug-in to look for patterns in the email-address that is returned, in order to apply one, of several roles. In my case, our site is open to my company, and also all of our customers, who are kept in our Federated ID system. When a user authenticates, if they do not have an account, I want to build an account, with the “Proper” role assigned. I envision at least 2 types of email parser, and at least 3 different roles, applicable to up to three different domains. (This function seems closely related to the functionality that you’ve embedded for groups, except that in our corporate/external ID system, we do not supply group names, so I need another way to assign roles by default.

    2) Modify the system so that it applies a role, as stated above, rather than setting the role to false, automatically and implicitly setting the role to the default role.

    If you’re interested, we can be sure to work with you throughout, and we’ll deliver the code to you, so that it is included in a future version. WE really like what you’ve done, and want to support you with your work, and I might be able to make a contribution to you, for your effort.

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