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    Hi Priit and Madisn,

    Could you consider enhancing the “Tetsing – Show box to Admins only” functionality.

    At the moment the cookie setting in the web browser is always active, independently of the “Tetsing – Show box to Admins only” functionality.
    This sucks because when testing, the only way to get the scroll triggered box to turn back up is to clear the web browser cookies which in turn logs me out of WordPress and all other sites forcing a re-login; if I happen to have clicked the “Close Box” button to activate the cookie feature.

    It took me ages to work out that it was the cookie setting that was stopping the scroll triggered box from appearing. As far as I was concerned the plug-in was broken because it did not matter what setting the “Testing” option was set too, the box no longer appeared. Yes, I’m slow but I can’t be the only one to have missed this (Really?)

    If you are not wanting to relate the “Testing” option to the “Cookie invalid for X days” option then would you consider putting a big button in the plug-in settings screen that forces a reset of all cookie values on all web browsers. It would be a “Reset as of now timestamp” that the scroll triggered box code running in the web browser could compare against the cookie created timestamp and easily determine that it should show because the “Reset as of X timestamp” value delivered from the WordPress plugin would be later/after the cookie created timestamp.

    The ideal solution would be to have both of the above options implemented and to use the second option as the mechanism to implement the first.

    Kind regards,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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