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  • sassymonkey


    Sorry if this is the bazillionth request, but Menus could use more basic (and advanced) features:


    1) Scheduling – showing and removal of menu links on set dates / times
    I can schedule pages and posts to appear in the future, but can’t create menu items to appear so said pages can be found (no, I can’t use auto-adding pages to the menu). Anyone publishing numerous events, exhibitions, performances, etc. can benefit from the ability to front load content to appear later AND to disappear automatically when these temporary events are over.

    2) Duplication – menu items and entire menus
    Being able to duplicate menu items makes bigger menus easier to build. Duplication of entire menus combined with scheduling would be helpful in creating temporary menus that override for a period of time while keeping the old for resurrecting later.

    3) Dis/Enabling – menu items and menus
    I often want to temporarily disable menu items. As is, I must completely delete menu items and re-add later, remembering which menu item is needed and where to put it. If I could simply disable that menu item, I could easily re-enable later. Dis/enabling entire menus is helpful in archiving for possible later use and for scheduling. I know I can use CSS to hide menu items, but that’s a complex multistep workaround when a simple checkbox would do for each menu item and menu.


    4) Conditions – practically infinite uses
    There are many ways to set conditions for menu items or menus to appear such as date/time, whether users are logged in or not, user role, active Woocommerce shoppers, device profile such as phone and/or tablet and/or desktop, post type, category, and many more. While a complex endeavor to add a fully featured conditions situation, it’s helpful to a wide range of users in so many scenarios.

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