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  • I test both on live site and local site. When these 2 settings enable it will open link as about:blank and not redirect to anything.

    Please fix.

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  • Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Jatupon,

    These two settings work no problems together. It sounds like you have a javascript error on your site.

    Could you please check your console for javascript errors both after page load and also after clicking a link.

    Best to test in an Incognito/Private Browsing window to ensure nothing is cached.

    Let me know how you go.

    Hi Josh.

    I think I already edit the content but maybe I check the “don’t save edit log or something” that make the content not changed. And I wasn’t back to check it again.

    So what I want to edit and make it clear is the the problem is not actually happen with the IP collector but the Link Fixer module.

    Please check when you Enable Enhanced Javascript redirect and Link Fixer together.

    I already have check with the console error and there are nothing error and the site only has ThirstyAffiliate install with WordPress standard theme.

    Sorry for the mistake with the IP Collector.

    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Jatupon,

    Sorry I can’t seem to reproduce. I have several sites with both Link Fixer and Enhanced JS Redirect enabled and they’re all working OK. Also tested on a localhost test area and that works for me too.

    Can I please have some more info:

    1. Any other plugins running?
    2. Have you tried disabling all other plugins and switching to TwentySeventeen theme or similar
    3. Could you try another browser and see if it’s still happening there?
    4. Setup a completely fresh test page (Pages->Add New) with just one test affiliate link on there (make a completely new affiliate link pointing to and see if it happens there.

    Since it opens a new tab with about:blank it sounds as though the JS might be working (and since there are no errors too).

    That is what I did to find the error. The localhost site use TwentySeventeen theme. It only have one plugin install (ThirstyAffiliate).

    I just test on safari and firefox too and got the same result. Firefox no console error but safari show this

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)
    <a href="/go/wpthaiuser/" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-linkid="18" data-nojs="false">test link</a> = $1

    I will make it online though this link if you are still here now. This destination will remove after 8 hours.

    It seem like the link fixer remove site domain so it see like “/go/google/”

    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Could you send a screenshot of the edit screen for that link? Thanks!

    I just test on Chrome again. The error will throw only after we click the link.

    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Jatupon,

    We have reproduced and will get a fix out in the next patch.

    To workaround the issue, make sure you have your Stats module ENABLED. This only occurs if you use the Enhanced JS Redirect and have Stats module disabled.

    There’s no point using Enhanced JS Redirect if you don’t have stats enabled as that’s one of the main points of using it, for stats reliability.

    I see. Didn’t see it mention in the settings. I thought it only use for redirection thing only. Thank you so much for information.

    Anyway, I want to request feature to put the button that erase the Stats data without going though the database too.

    Plugin Author jkohlbach


    Hi Jatupon,

    We did used to have a button to clear all, but its probably best just to set your “Trim stats older than” setting under ThirstyAffiliates->Settings, General options.

    Hope this helps!

    Got it! I agree this is better for automate workflow.

    Might just use “Clean stats older than” 🙂

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