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  • Enhanced eCommerce – Whilst it eases the integration a lot, the integration is faulty. The data layer is not populated correctly, not even on the order success page. Maybe an incompatibility, due to still being labeled as beta, with one page checkout and / or Woocommerce Germanized.

    In addition personal data, the customerBillingEmail in particular, is send to GTM and subsequently to GA too.

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Geiger


    Hi Mike,

    I am not sure whether you wanted to post a support request instead of a review? If you feel that the plugin is not outputting the right data layer content, please share your finding so that I can fix a bug if there is any.

    The plugin is working correctly on many websites, including site where I am managing tracking codes and reporting. There can be cases where some functionality breaks but due to the complexity of the WordPress ecosystem, I can not guarantee it will work in all cases around the globe.

    If you have any specific issue, please let me know what you expect and what you are actually seeing so that we can find a solution.

    As for your GDPR concerns: personal data, including customerBillingEmail is not transferred to any place if you are not setting up tracking inside your Google Tag Manager account specifically to do so. You can turn on specific plugin features that could include personal data in the data layer but those features are turned off by default. They exists because the plugin is also used in regions where GDPR does not apply and data connections require those data to be present in the data layer.

    By default, GTM4WP adds a simple GTM container code into your site. By default, this container is empty. It is the responsibility of the GTM container owner to properly ask for user consent before any personal data is processed and transferred to any place. Even if personal data is present in the data layer, it is an information in the memory of the browser which is destroyed and re-created on each pageview. If you do not setup your GTM container to read and use this personal data, it will not have any impact on your GDPR compliance.

    Please let me know if you have any further concerns or if you see something not working in this plugin. I am happy to help.

    Thread Starter Mike Wiegand


    Hi Thomas,

    thanks for your reply. It is more kind of a feedback. Apologize if the chosen words might have been misleading, though.

    About the email in the order data it’s likely related to “Customer data in data layer”. Though, the description “Enable this to add all customer data (billing and shipping data, total number of orders and order value) into the data layer” is not that explicit and evt. slightly contrary to the statement of being GDPR compliant. No offense, just an observation / suggestion.

    I also noticed that logged in users (Basic data > Visitors), neither their status nor additional information if configured, are not identified.

    While inspecting the html code I found a script element containing google_tag_params and dataLayer_content which contains all information I am “complaining” about not being present. Though, I wonder why that is not picked up? You mentioned the suer consent but I can not find a process that triggers anything.


    Plugin Author Thomas Geiger


    Hi Mike,

    It is actually two different things:
    – what is stored in the memory of the browser through this plugin
    – what is read from this memory data by GTM which is reading only the part of the data that you explicitly setup in your GTM container.

    I will do my best to update the helper texts so that they will more transparently tell the plugin user that if setup so in GTM, using that plugin feature might require user consent first.

    User consent stat is usually stored in a cookie as well, this can be read by GTM using a 1st party cookie variable, then you can setup your triggers not to fire certain data transfer is proper user consent has not been given yet.

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