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    I try to use the plugin on our website but when translating to english or translating back to dutch the text get messed up.
    Most of the translated text shows only the first character or sometimes a < sign.
    I would like to buy your plugin but would first like to know if this error can be solved.
    The basic language of the site is dutch.
    With translation to other languages the plugin works fine, only with a translation to english this problem occurs.
    Translating back to dutch from another language gives the same problem, the text get messed up and shows only a couple of items.
    Hope to hear from you

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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Graffitinetwerk,

    Thanks for your post. Would you mind sharing a link to your website, so that I could look?

    And yes, this past weekend I have been getting reports from others having these same issues. I spent Thursday and Friday of last week looking in to this and it has been overwhelming 🙂

    Two major issues here as of now:

    1) Google’s translation tool on some themes, even when copied directly from the Google Translate website, is producing bad translations. I know this is not a plugin issue, but a theme or Google coding conflict issue of some sort. This seems to have only started last week too, so I’m still a bit confused as to what the true cause of the problem is.

    2) There is a multi-language configuration in the plugin that I made for update 2.7, that is also causing some issues, but for a majority of websites, that configuration is working and it has not caused issues. I’m going to fix this in the next update, and provide that configuration as an option.

    Please provide a link to your website and we can definitely get you fixed up. Right now, I’m a bit behind but I will be looking into each case of this.

    Thanks, Rob

    Hi Rob,

    Thanx for your email, the website is;
    But i now deactivate the plugin because of the error.
    Do you want me to activate it now so you can see the result..?
    Le me know..

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    HI Graffitinetwerk, I have a good hunch of what the problem is here. Yes, please re-activate the plugin and I will look.

    Chances are that I will need to make a modification to the plugin, which will be taken care of in a future release.

    If you want, I can fix. Please email your login details here if you would like me to fix it for you.

    Thanks, Rob Myrick

    It’s on now, hope to hear from you.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    HI Graffitinetwerk, I see your site, but it appears you removed the plugin. Would you still like me to help on this?

    Let me know. Thanks!

    Nice site, btw.


    I deactivated the plugin because it did not work properly and i don’t want customers to see this. Please let me know when you can take a look then i activate the plugin for that moment..

    I also placed the plugin on a empty site to see if it works, see:
    on this site i don’t see any errors, only this site is by default in english, maybe this makes the difference?

    hope to hear from you.

    sorry, the link to the test site is:


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Graffitinetwerk, I think I have a simple solution for you:

    1) Please revert back to version 2.6 of the plugin, as that version does not utilize the multi-language page option provided by Google, which has been causing problems.

    2) If you notice any language characters being appended to the end of individual words, here is the reason for that:

    Google will append characters on the end of words (such as “,en”, “,es”, “,no”) when those words are something other than your default language. So this presents problems for users who, for example, have a German-based website but provide words in English to their website visitors.

    For example, on a German website, the word “Facebook” is commonly accepted as English language, so Google will append “,en” on the end of it since it is a German website. And it will do this ONLY when switching back to the default language.

    The solution is this: 1) Provide words only in your original language, or 2) add class=”notranslate” to the specific areas that have those words on your website. That should fix a majority of your issues.

    Let me know how it goes!

    I’d be happy to sell you the premium version as well. I will configure it for you to make it work nicely with your site too.

    But I would like to wait until we get through some of these issues with this free version, although I’m confident that we have now found the problem.

    Let me know how it goes and then contact me here at this page, I will send link to my premium plugin website.

    Contact Us

    Thanx for the respons, how can i revert the version?

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick



    First, delete Version 2.7 of the plugin. Dashboard>Installed Plugins>Deactivate/Delete Google Language Translator. You can then download Version 2.6 from this page,

    Detailed instructions are included in the Read Me text file included within the archive.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Rob (and apostlepoe),

    Thank you, really, this works great.
    Can you send me the link to the premium version?
    And what are the ‘extra’ functions of the premium version?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi guys, yes it’s all the same, I increased the price by $2 since I will provide full support myself on this, so hopefully not a huge issue. I will remove the $10 amount, that is my bad.

    I’m making a small update as of now, and it will be ready in about 30 minutes for purchase. I am adding a brand new option to allow users to turn on translation management, which is part of Google’s default translation widget, (and this will be available in next free version too).

    Users will need to navigate to and act as if they are setting up the tool on their own, and then copy/paste the <meta> tag into the header of their website (provided by Google on their page), if they so choose to activate this feature.

    Translation functionality is based on 2.6 version language configuration, so none of the major translation issues we’ve had recently should be an issue here.

    I will post a followup here when ready! Thanks!

    Hi Rob,

    A mere pittance given all of the time and energy you have put into this. Again, Many Thanks!


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Thanks apostlepoe,

    Graffitinetwerk, I updated the Premium plugin on the website. If you want, go to, and in the footer you will see a link on the left hand side to the website. If you create an account, you will get access into the support area Once I see the request, and then you will also get access to the most recent version at any time.

    – Fully secure checkout as well.

    Also, I will send you documentation about the plugin separately, it explains everything (this info will soon be packed with the plugin file itself).

    And all features of the plugin can be seen on the website, including Premium version settings panel.

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