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  • If I create a top-level (parent) page using the default English and save it, the page name is “English-name” taken from the page slug. When I then add a Thai translation, the translation’s name in the database is the English-name translated and saved in Thai script – this is correct and works great.
    If I then create a child-page, so that the slug becomes /parent-page/child-page, the child-page name records correctly, but the parent-page part of the name and slug “corrupts” to being in some sort of unicode code – it’s a long string of %23B12 etc characters that are neither English nor Thai.
    The strange thing is that in the browser, the page url shows correctly as /parent-page/child-page/ in either English or Thai, BUT if you copy the URL from the browser address bar and paste it into an email or text editor etc, then it reverts to the unicode characters for the parent-page within the Thai version of the URL.

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