• After I set Ultimate Member plugin, the mega menu select button(“use as Mega Menu” of Enfold theme’s self function) disappeared.

    It’s clear that Ultimate Member plugin made it invisible.
    How can I use Mega Menu like before? I want to use it in anyways.

    Thank you.

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    Hi @whitemet,

    Can you please update to the latest pre-released version of UM and see if this will resolve the issue?



    Thread Starter whitemet



    I try it, but I have the same result.

    First I uninstall UM and delete it. Then the ENFOLD Mega Menu options return.

    And I install your ‘ultimatemember-pre-v1.3.85.1.zip’.

    When I go to the Appearance > Menu, the ENFOLD Mega Menu options disappeared.

    But the Mega Menu function still works. After I check the SVAE button in Appearance > Menu, it will not work.

    Please test it and fix it.

    Thank you!


    I’m experiencing the same problem. Love your plugin and love their theme, so any help is sincerely appreciated.


    I have the same issue here. A work around is to delete the high level menu item , save the menu and then add the menu item back again. Works for me, not optimal but shOuld work

    same here

    I would appreciate a solution / fix for running ENFOLD MEGA MENUE with ULTIMATE MEMBER as well. I like Enfold.

    Same issue here. Not looking for a workaround. Looking for a solution.

    Any chance there’s a solution to this issue yet???

    same here, looking for a solution

    So it appears the Ultimate Member team doesn’t care about this issue since it’s been over a week 5 months without any response. We all understand that there is a “pro” version of the plugin and support might be limited for the “free” plugin. However, the issue is that this “free” plugin is stripping away some functionality of a very popular theme. Regardless of the plugin version this should not be happening and the Ultimate Member team needs to find a solution.

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    Still no response? Not even a, “Hey, we’re looking into the problem!”. I’ve come across other plugins that have removed this functionality as well, but there is a simple checkbox that fixes the issue in the plugin settings. What a shame that the Ultimate Member plugin authors are completely ignoring this issue. If you’re not ignoring the issue, then how about that, “Hey, we’re looking into the problem!”

    I have also encountered this same issue with a theme called Newspaper (version 8), by tagDiv.

    I am unable to use the additional options that theme adds to the menu item options because it appears that Ultimate Member is completely overriding them.

    I am using the latest release 1.3.88 and this is still broken.

    Hey guys,

    The same issue occurred on my website.

    There is a setting in the Advanced section to disable their nav menu settings.

    For more information, check out this article: http://docs.ultimatemember.com/article/224-enable-disable-ultimate-member-menu-setting

    Hope it helps!


    Thank you very much for solving this problem. The Mega Menue works properly now.

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