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  • We’ve had a stable blog running for several months now. Yesterday attempts to access the admin system began failing, returning endless redirect loop messages in Firefox. Looking at the process through the TamperData plugin I’m seeing it bouncing with 302 status codes between wp-login.php and wp-admin/ anytime I try to hit wp-admin.

    Other pertinent bits:

    • The front end of the blog, all the public content, works fine, it’s only the admin side which is effected
    • The site is not using .htaccess redirects and the site url setting matches the blog url setting.
    • Nothing on the server itself has changed and other WP sites hosted on the same server work just fine.

    The other redirect problem related posts I’m seeing talk about conflicts between the site and blog url or problems where the admin side works but not the front end.

    Any suggestions on where I should be looking for the source of this?


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  • Hi Datasmith

    I am having the exact same problem. Oddly enough, I’ve asked someone from off-site to try to login using my details and it seems they are able to.

    I am wondering if it could be some kind of FF caching issue.

    That’s pretty weird, slojo. I think I can rule out a browser issue in my case, because the client reporting the problem is using IE.

    Before you started having the problems, had you made any changes to the settings, themes, plugins, or anything? What version are you running?

    UPDATE: It looks like wp-admin isn’t reading the user cookie properly, though everything seems to be correct in the code. Any ideas?

    I guess my situation is a bit unique…I managed to cause this problem during attempts to fix the .htaccess problem I’ve been having (see my post from a few hours ago).

    I’ve just checked IE and I can access the admin login screen there…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Couple of things to try. Do ’em both.

    1. Clear all browser cookies.
    2. Change the secret keys for the system. This will invalidate everybody’s cookies, so they’ll have to log in again. Description of how to do it here:

    Thanks, Otto42, but they’re running 2.1.3 and the secret key thing didn’t come along until 2.6

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Oh. Well, I have no idea then. Upgrade. 😛

    I’m having the same problem, with an install of 2.5 that’s been working perfectly for weeks. Suddenly I get the login loop this morning.

    I’ve tried multiple browsers and clearing cookies and no joy – any suggestions?

    (I thought I just posted this but it’s not appearing – if we end up with duplicate posts, I apologize)

    Hi Otto42,

    Need a bit of guidance. I upgraded to WP2.6.1 once it came out. But my blog got hacked by some spam injection bot on Saturday and upon checking, I realised my secret key was not updated to what it should be in 2.6.1 (was using the one for WP2.5).

    I thought everything was resolved after I cleaned up my wp-config.php and added in the correct secret key – i.e. my blog is viewable, and I can post entries using Windows Live Writer.

    However, I wanted to go into my admin panel to approve some new comments today and that’s when I realised the wp-login.php just keeps looping. At first I thought I somehow forgot my password so I went to reset it… but it doesn’t work. I’m still looping at that page.

    Could you help please? I’ve tried all the methods I can find on this forum – from deleting cookies, to making sure my siteurl is the same as my home value, etc.

    Sorry if my questions seem silly but I’m new to this and am trying to understand as much as I can of what I read.

    Thanks in advance!

    (Btw, my blog at if that’s of any help.

    It is happening to me too. I cannot log in. I added the secret keys via ftp, but cannot access my admin services. I am getting the endless loop as well. Help!

    I disabled wp_useronline and it worked for me to log in. It seems it is a different plug in for everyone. My suggestion is to disable them one at a time using FTP and see which one is your culprit.

    Yep, with the tips in this thread I went and deleted a redirect plugin (that had been working fine for ages, but anyway . . .) and I can log in fine now. So it looks like that might be a place to start for some folks.

    Cheers for the pointers.

    Mondolizzie!!! Thank you!! For me, it was disabling the WP automatic upgrade plugin!! Can enter the admin panel now! Yippee!!! Thanks everyone who contributed!

    (Doodly – like u, my plugin always worked previously. SIGH!!)

    Have a good week ahead folks!

    I had the same thing happen, fixed when I removed the google sitemap generator plugin. Looks like I need to find a new sitemap plugin.

    The only solution I was able to find was upgrading. It bugs me that I don’t know why things went wonky but at least they’re working currently.

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