Endless loop database corruption? (1 post)

  1. duckster
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Help! I had my blog up and running just dandy in MAMP. I exported it to my server (after backing it up), but when it arrived there, everytime I tried to create a page, link, or category, it got stuck in an endless loop. It just kept creating Pages....

    Looks like this:
    - About
    -- About
    --- About (and so on for every page)

    Same for links, etc.

    I went back to MAMP, and had to re-import the database there, and now it's doing the same thing there!

    I've done fresh install of WP and the theme I was using and tested the create page, link, and category functions. Work fine.

    However, when I import my database, the problem is duplicated again.

    How can I fix this database error? I sure don't want to reenter all my info...

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