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  • EdGarciaDesign,

    I have worked on making changes using the Ajax WordPress Plug in,

    This one?

    Takayuki Miyoshi
    Contact Form 7’s author

    Actually I use that one AND this one:

    Seems both wp-ajax-edit-comments and ajaxd-wordpress are still working on your site. Do you see the problem if you deactivate them?

    I’m testing the two plugins and Contact Form 7 on my testing environment, but can’t reproduce the problem. I have no clue.

    I tried removing all plugins
    tried reseting all files to original WP files
    and no luck

    but I am able to replicate the problem, although very weird.

    I create new form (no CAPTCHA)
    create new page
    place form on new page
    it works
    go back to form and place CAPTCHA on it
    go back to same page and try form
    it doesnt work
    go back to admin and remove CAPTCHA from form
    still doesn’t work
    create new page
    insert THE SAME form on that new page
    it works

    so, once I insert a CAPTCHA on a page that pages becomes unusable. Once a page stops working because I added a CAPTCHA it will never take another form, even a new form.

    HUH? any ideas? 🙁

    check it out:

    both pages have the same form in them, both pages are WP pages created using the WP page create form.

    the “contact” page had another form in it and now wont work
    the “will it work” page I just created and inserted the SAME form…

    how can one work while the other one doesn’t? They are the same page with the same template, created using the same method and they have the same form in them… but one had a non working form with CAPTCHA that failed and the other is brand new (but if I insert a CAPTCHA in it I will never be able to use it again) …

    Links are good… and while getting links I found the real problem… look at the pages, one by name and another by ID…

    here is the issue, I use MS IIS server with a 404 redirect in order to get permalinks working, I bet you that is the problem. Are the forms trying to post to the same page they are in or back the page with ID?

    Besides taking down the IIS 404 redirect and the permalinks what could I do? 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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