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  • I don’t have time to work on it. I am 62 years old and I have other things to worry about that take up most of my time. I am afraid that I will do more harm than good by not being able to do a good job maintaining it. Better to make a decent last version and call it quits.


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    That’s very sad…
    So you can entrust this plugin to a good programmer you know.

    Well, with some chance, somebody will take care of the baby…

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    This plugin is so complete and perfect, but with WordPress updating everyday, and spammers doing new things nothing will remain perfect, and already some spammers are passing!

    Sorry to hear it Keith and I understand about time for it. Make a subscription fee based plugin and see if it can support you.. I know I live or die based on this plugin! If a few thousand of us paid you $5 a month to support it would that do it?

    I agree, if can help,you can add a subscription fee or a donation form.

    Good luck and thanks for all

    This is the best plugin for blocking spammers, I would gladly pay to continue support and updates. Or perhaps entrust it to someone who will carry it on?

    Keith, I seriously hope you will consider finding a person or group to take this over. I know the WP community will help!

    Keith, seeing as how many people value your plugin and your work, would you consider allowing someone else to adopt and take it over? Instructions on how to do so as well as the reasoning behind the tag is in the following post.

    “Adopt-Me” Plugin Tag Is Now in Use in the WordPress Plugin Directory

    Keith rules and was a life saver for me when i found this plugin …. what about just offer it as a paid plugin only ….by now there are people that love this and will immediately buy it …or subscription based?

    would be better to actually have this built into wordpress core …. can someone please get a hold of those guys and figure out a way forward? how can you not have this if you have people registering via wordpress ?

    i’ve tried only one other that claims to do what this does that wang guard …and its not as good ….i feel like i’m somewhat a part of this plugins development as i helped make the history log happen …i use that log to get ips daily and block ranges etc

    what Jeff says about someone adopting is also 2nd strategy …Keith if you could make a couple thousand or more a month of this it would be something ok to spend time on?

    how hard is it to get this into ? thats a pretty big audience right off the bat i’m sure searching for wordpress spam control keywords

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    I think using Github is a very good option. There others can contribute to the plugin and there are good programmers that can continue this great plugin.

    Great plugin.

    Just wanted to join the chorus and say I hope you will put this up for adoption. Also, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I would buy a professional version if someone wanted to make one.

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