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  • Hi, if you go to Settings in the Events menu and then to the Formatting tab (3rd tab) it allows you to customize the HTML that is used to show event lists and individual event pages (under Events). Either the placeholder #_24HSTARTTIME or #_12HSTARTTIME is used there at the moment, thus showing the start time.

    You can add the end time to it by including #_24HENDTIME or #_12HENDTIME there.

    As an alternative, if you use the placeholder #_EVENTTIMES it displays either a single time, time-span, or “All Day” depending on your actual event times.

    More on placeholders here:

    Hi, thanks for the answer. But for my problem it’s not a solution. I have same multi-day events too, and therefore when under Formatting in HTML I write the placeholder #_EVENTTIMES


    , than I see by the less then 24 hours event the date and twice the start time, and once the end time. But if I have a multi-day event, there I see the start date with start time, end date with end time, and once more start-end time.
    Is there a placeholder for only the start/end date? Or how can I set it?

    Hi perhaps this output is due to the Date / Time settings on the Formatting tab where you can use the PHP date characters (link below) to define what information the placeholder should output.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks, I have deleted the placeholders, and manually added PHP date charakters:
    #Y. #F #j. #H.#i – #@Y. #@F #@j. #@H.#@i
    Thanks anew!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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