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  • Well its taken me a bit longer than expected to get my head around WordPress but I’ve finally applied it all to my own CSS design. I designed my End Peg website before settling on WordPress as my Blog software so Jonathon Wold’s tutorial was a godsend! It’s a fishing website which most people will probably laugh at but hey aren’t we all sad computer nerds anyway?

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  • of course we are. I think it’s actually pretty nice. I like the colours.

    excellent design mate – the content is good and readable – my niggle is the sidebar with the yellow, I think it contrasts too harsly, Just my opinion on that, I;m sure most would keep it as is, but for me the sidebar is just too busy and bright. Did you use the php method to create the highlighted navigation for each page?

    Again, really well done.

    I actually agree on the sidebar thing. Other than that, it’s great.

    Hmmm… cut bait or fish.

    Your definitely fishing!

    It should be released as a theme.

    I think it looks excellent. Who knew Erik Cole fished! 😉

    Really like your choice of colours, site looks great!

    wow, looks great, good job.

    Thanks guys. I think the sidebar is still a niggling part of the design. I wanted a pale yellow sidebar but with white-out headings so there had to be some contrast in there. I will live with it for a bit and then change it if it gets too distracting – beauty of CSS! My style of fishing is an English thing so many people simply wont ‘get it’ – I always put my fish back too! And don’t you think Erik Cole would be a bit insulted by any comparisons to me!

    The navigation uses PHP and an inline style to determine what button is focused on. I’m still learning PHP but I found the method by trawling this support forum:

    if ( is_home() ) { $current = 'b-home a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('about') ) { $current = 'b-abou a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('about-the-author') ) { $current = 'b-abou a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('about-the-site') ) { $current = 'b-abou a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('brief-resume') ) { $current = 'b-abou a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('archive-index') ) { $current = 'b-arch a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('links') ) { $current = 'b-link a'; }
    elseif ( is_page('contact') ) { $current = 'b-cont a'; }

    <style type="text/css">
    li#<?php echo $current; ?> {
    color: #fff;
    font-weight: bold;
    background: #62C061 url(/img/nav-focus.gif) repeat-x bottom left;

    there’s nothing wrong with fishing while drinking tea out of a china cup, and eating dry digestives 🙂

    thanks for the reply 🙂

    mmmmmm… digestives!

    Nice looking site 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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