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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Wordbooker is no longer being actively supported or developed. This is partially down to the complete change in the Facebook API which requires a rewrite of a large part of the code base of Wordbooker plus the removal of several options that Wordbooker actively uses.

    I recommend you find another Facebook related plugin.

    The Wordbook authorisation handshake server will be shutdown at the end of May and the API codes changed.

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  • Steve – sorry to see it come to this – THANK YOU for your plugin while it lasted



    Bad news.
    Which plugin should be a substitute?

    Plugin Author Steve


    Anything that uses a FB app is going to be problematical due to the changes FB made and to do anything above basic posting you need to submit your application to FB for approval and even seasoned developers have been having a problem with that.

    I’d go for a good OG tag plugin and a share button to be honest – its what I’m using now.

    Very sorry to see this post. 🙁 Longtime Wordbooker user, and appreciated every effort that you made.



    This sucks because everything that has been published on my FB Page is gone.

    I found the Facebook Auto Publish plugin to work perfectly and easier to set up.



    Thank you for a great plugin! Sorry to hear that you will not be continuing development on it. We found it very useful.

    We too noticed that posts that were processed through this plugin are no longer showing up on our Facebook page. Is there a way to recover/restore them to our FB? It is very important for us to get the “likes” and comments on those posts back. If we were to contact Facebook support, what information would we need to provide to them?


    Plugin Author Steve


    They should be there if they published – all I’ve done is changed the app secret, the app is still there and is not in sandbox / private mode so all its posts should still be available, and I’ve checked a couple of places where I know posts have been made and they still seem to be visible even when not logged into Facebook.

    Unless Facebook have messed something up in the background.



    Thanks for the quick reply! Turns out that after a day or so, our Facebook posts returned. Do you think that they will remain even after you completely de-activated your plugin?

    Plugin Author Steve


    I suspect if I change the application status or delete it on FB then the posts will vanish so I’m leaving it locked down.



    Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for all your work on Wordbooker. I’m sorry to see it go but understand the issues you’ve been battling with over the years. It’s so frustrating and you deserve massive props for sticking with it. Wordbooker is still my longest running plugin and I struggled to find any other plugin that did the same. I’d be interested to know if any exist (the WP plugin search engine sucks).

    Once again, thank you.

    Steve – you did an amazing job. Sorry to see it go. Good luck!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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