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    Hi there –

    Somehow I must have tweaked my code on the single page entry to allow for all my old posts to show up at the end of any single post page.

    It may sound confusing but is as easy as pie to understand when you see a page: — just scroll down. You will see all posts repeated.

    Here is the link to see the code of the “single.php” page I am using from this theme:

    I don’t see how I could have screwed it up. Also, when I change themes back to default, etc. it also happens.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • Move this:

    <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    up towards your header. Sometimes you have to play with it a bit for some reason on some themes.

    Try putting it right below <?php the_header(); ?> first, then work your way down.

    What theme are you using? I had the same problem, and it was that same theme you are using, I can tell by the coding.

    Thanks openpundit. I tried your suggestion — it did change the way the entries below it showed up, but they still showed up. I will keep moving it around and see if it helps.

    The theme I am using is Blu3zin3 Theme (

    A couple of other notes just for the moment – I said in my original post that it happened with the other themes (it doesn’t — don’t know what happened there) and also I have tried deleting all plug-ins to see if that was part of it. Nope!

    Anyway, I will start tinkering!


    No problem Shriekman,

    For further info regarding this too, somehow, and I cannot really think of it right now, your <?php endif; ?>, <?php endwhile; ?> has something to do with the arrangement of what it is you are trying to change.

    I actually went ahead and changed themes completely — it’s a new site and no one had really seen it yet so it wasn’t a big deal. I liked the theme but didn’t love it. Found something I liked a little more.

    Thanks for your help.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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