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  • This is a simple, awesome plugin. But it does not do what @rado said from his OP. The most important one is the countdown does not stop after the End Date and Time has been reached. Please fix this. What is the point of a countdown if the timer does not stop or give a custom message stating the “event” has been reached.

    As for the other point @rado raised, I wasted an hour looking for a reason why the “Coutdowner” would not appear in Edit mode. As a programmer, I never make changes via Visual. When I finally looked closely at a screenshot of the “Countdowner” button, it dawned on me to check the Visual menu. And BAM! There it was.

    I found the culprit.

    File: /assets/TimeCircles.js
    Line: 451

    if (!this.config.count_past_zero) {

    count_past_zero is only set once in the code. I searched all the files and this parameter’s value is only defined once when specifying default values (line 805):

    TC_Instance.prototype.default_options = {
            count_past_zero: true,

    So no matter where the countdown time is, count_past_zero is always true and never stops the timer.

    A quick fix is to comment-out or delete lines 451 and 466. If you want a custom message generated, then this is where the code can be placed. Hopefully the plugin author (King) can fix the code and add an option to display a message to replace the timer when countdown reaches zero.

    Plugin Author King Rayhan


    I’m thinking about to solve the problem.
    @wcmaster if you have enough time can you contribute to solve issues?

    Plugin Author King Rayhan


    As soon as possible I release a new version of this plugin

    Sorry, @king. I would love to help out. Unfortunately, the company I work for has me very busy. The reason I looked into this issue was because the countdown for a website was approaching soon. So I took it upon myself to find a solution.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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