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    So I have been decrypting right along, but ran into a footer that will just NOT decrypt… which stinks because I really like the theme.

    I have been playing with this all night (and you wonder why I am divorced?) to no avail.

    The process I am using to decrypt is outlined here;

    The theme is Real Organic Theme 1.0 from

    I am running WordPress 2.6

    The site in development is at

    I have already decrypted the code in the sidebar, but the code in the footer is different. It will not go.

    I want to get in there because it seems to control the content of the third column in addition to the footer area. Ultimately I want to get rid of that third column, expand the body over so I end up with a 2 column page, and check the footer code for spam.

    I want to leave the credit where credit is due, but this cripples more than anything. Hey I’m just a little guy trying to market a really cool poison ivy antidote my great great grandmother used to make.

    So here is the footer – has anyone seen it before? I’d upload the code but it’s bigger than allowable, which of course is setting off all sorts of bells and whistes

    The file was changed to footer.txt and resides here for viewing; as always, select VIEW-SOURCE to see the entire script. It is almost 250k in size.…ocs/footer.txt

    I’ve played with this exhaustively – help me get to know my girlfriend and dog once again?

    Soon to be Single Mike

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  • Seriously … it’s that bad? LOL … I tried decrypting again to no avail and using echo instead of eval just to see what it’s returning … nada

    can’t view the above link for the footer text for some reason – it’s not allowing me.

    I have no use for designers who force these types of links on end users..seriously! Giving credit to a designer is one thing. Forcing the user to keep these links is utter crap.

    My suggestion is this: find another theme. There are hundreds to choose from. The theme you are using doesn’t even validate for heaven’s sake!

    good luck with your site. I think you have a very good niche there!

    OH I know about the theme, trust me and am working on it – no encryption will remain and the way I see it it’s a good elarning experience.

    Right now a friend in Norway sent a copy of a footer they used for a similiar project so although the footer doesnt read right, it is and will be updated shortly. The said the footer was encrypted but contained no spam – even so, I want the design aspect of it and will simply place their credit links in the new footer.

    Niche? yea I think so and the best part is …. drumroll please? …. the stuff actually WORKS! 🙂 Its amazing how the simplest of cures can be the most effective.

    As for the footer.txt file; it’s here in it’s original form;

    Just enter that in your browser and look at the source code … sucks but have been assured by a third party coder that no malicious code is contained


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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