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    You could use this plugin for that, but you would have to be able to write some of your own code. The plugin doesn’t do it by default.

    Once you have installed and configured the plugin properly you can us the PHP code to Encrypt or Decrypt any data that you want.

    You can use Class methods to do this:
    GDS_Encryption_Class::encrypt('This is the Text to Encrypt');
    You would have to grab the uploaded file’s content then encrypt it before it is stored. Then decrypt upon request.

    Can you be more specific about “General Uploads”.
    What is being Uploaded?
    How is it being Uploaded?
    How is it being retrieved?
    and who is Uploading it and Retrieving it?


    thanks for the fast Feedback.

    We are using a PM Tool in WordPress and in that files can uploaded to our Server as a “shared drive” for the Project Team. It really uses the WP Standard uploader. Just like buddydrive would do.

    – Project members upload and every member of the Project can download
    – Normal files are uploaded and downloaded (doc, exl ect. )
    – Upload via the WP uploader
    – Download the same way really

    As we also offer this Service to external Clients, we would like to give them the comfort of knowing that there data is encryped because some documents might be confidential to the Company. Even if we are using SSL and site-lock and other Tools prevent the Server from beeing hacked.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Gravitate


    So most likely you will want to look at this function:

    This gives you the ability to filter files as they are being uploaded.
    You would have to use this as well as the Encryption methods to accomplish what your going for.

    The next issue would be Decrypting the file. I think you would have to modify the plugin so when the files are clicked on or requested that you decrypt them first. However modifying plugins are not ideal as any modifications get overwritten when you update the plugin.

    So you might want to create your own plugin or Contact the Plugin creator and ask them to update his software to allow for encryption. Send them my plugin and most likely they can use it for the encryption methods.

    Great. Thank you. I will look into it and talk to my chief developer about it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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