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    I have postings whereby I use tables to place my images side by side.
    Previously, I have also added images the same way (in each individual cell of a 2 column table with multiple rows.

    However, recently when I did the same thing for a new posting, my editor content became blank. The content is still shown on the front-facing page but not on the editor page in the admin side.

    I’ve tried to debug it and realised it happens only after I add a 3rd image into the table. Prior to that all will be fine.

    I’ve done it before for my others postings and there were no issues previously. No new plugin was added after that either.

    Anyone faced the same problem?

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


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    Sounds like a css problem. Have you switched themes recently? Do you see all the HTML code when switching to the Text editor?

    I did not switch themes and the html codes are gone too. I can actually see the content on the preview page but the editor is blank and I can’t edit it at all.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    This is strange. What do you see when you switch to the Text editor? Is the HTML for the table still there? What if you type something above it (just to test), then switch back to the Visual editor?

    All I see in the text editor is a blank space. However the page preview still shows the content. If I try to type something in the blank space, the input will replace all the original content (which is already not seen in the editor).

    Hi there,

    This same thing is happening to me after updating to WordPress 3.9.1. The text editor box is either blank or sometimes not there at all. If you click on preview changes you can see the page or post but the content does not appear in the text editor.


    Exact same thing happened to me after updating to WordPress 3.9.1. For someone reason though, on my development site I was able to get the problem to go away and I don’t know how I did it. I think it has something to do with, maybe, a of conflict with other plugins, and the order in which plugins are activated may be important. But I cannot say for sure. I still have the problem on my production site though, because I am not free to activate and deactivate plugins at will there. And, I don’t really want to “experiment” with my development site by activating and deactivating plugins there, because I don’t want the problem to come back on that site.

    If anyone finds a solution, please post a reply. Right now I have this plugin deactivated on my production site. Otherwise, I would not be able to edit any posts on that site.


    I found the solution to my particular problem. I doubt this will help anyone else, but I will fill you in anyway.

    I keep a copy of each plugin in my own svn repository, and when I downloaded the latest version of this tinymce advanced plugin, I committed it to my repository but I forgot to add the new files that were distributed with the new version to my svn repository. So, when I updated my production site with the new version of the plugin, I only updated the files that already existed and did not pull in any of the new files that were added.

    Once I got all of that straightened out, everything is working just fine for me in both my development site and production site.

    Hopefully no one else made the same mistake that I did.

    Good luck!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


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    @vmallder glad to hear that all is working as expected. Thanks for coming back and explaining the problem.

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