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  • I am currently using WordPress in my blog (

    However, since last night I’ve run into several problems which I have not found a solution to.

    Last night I applied a new theme “Bueno” to the blog and for several hours it seemed everything was working perfectly. I turned on an Widget that let me send out Emailing lists to my friends and family and that seemed to work well for a time. Then I decided I wanted to see if the widgit worked, but I didn’t want to sign out so I opened Internet Explorer, (prior to that I was using Google Chrome.)

    Then suddenly when i opened the page in IE all of the text was pushed up against the right side. There was no formating and I couldn’t see the beautiful new Theme I put on it. I thought it was an internet explorer problem so i went back to Chrome to load the page again, but that had somehow become distorted too! I closed out IE, closed out crome and reset the Cache. But when i opened wordpress in Chrome it was still completely unformatted.

    I tried uninstalling crome and updating IE, nothing happened. I tried downloading different browsers like fire fox and nothing happened. I completely turned off my computer and router and restarted them about an hour later with the same problem. I made sure the encoding was set to automatic and that they were enabled, nothing happened. I tried logging in to change the theme but nothing was formatted…the login and the dashboard are all text pushed up against the left side of the window and the dashboard is impossible to use so I can’t even change the theme. In fact ALL OF WORDPRESS looks liek this. Even the window im typing this message into looks that way. I know the problem isn’t my computer as a whole because I can go to much heavier content sites like or without any problems and everything loads quickly and correctly. But WordPress takes ages to load and then doesn’t even load correctly.

    I attempted going to another computer this morning and it seems as though the blog can load correctly (although it does take FOREVER and a day) and also my family seems to be able to view it without any problems.

    Any help at all would be really appreciated. I’ve gone everywhere and tried everything I can think of.

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  • I checked out your link, and everything looks fine to me, in multiple browsers on multiple platfroms.

    One thing to note: the link you provided is for a wordpress.COM site, not a wordpress.ORG site. See this page for the distinction between the two:

    In particular, these forums are meant for helping people with their wordpress.ORG sites. You should check the wordpress.COM forums/support for assistance with a wordpress.COM site.

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