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  • Hi Jordy,
    There seems to be a problem with German Umlauts (possibly with other special characters too, but I haven’t tested them). I use the IPTC Title as filename. When the title contains an umlaut, and the image is uploaded throught WP/LR Sync, there is no preview in the WordPress media library, and the image will not display, when placed in a post. (If I upload files with umlauts manually, there is no problem.)
    In WP/LR settings, “Skip Sanitation” is enabled. If I disable it, the preview is fine, the image will display in a post – but the file name is corrupted (all umlauts are replaced with “cc88”).
    I then switched on the debugging tools and had a look at the Linked List. Here the correct name is listed.
    IPTC Title: Knödel
    If Skip Sanitation is disabled:
    File Name: kncc88del.jpg
    Item in List Linked: [lr_file] => Knödel.jpg
    Image will display in WordPress.
    If Skop Sanitation is enabled:
    File Name: knödel.jpg
    Item in List Linked [lr_file] => Knödel.jpg
    Image will not display in WordPress
    I’m using WP/LR Sync since a while and I’m sure it worked well before with umlauts. I’m not sure since when the problems occurs.
    Please advise.
    Thanks, Thomas

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