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    Hi !
    First, I want to say this.
    YASR works with greek indeed, like any other non latin languages.
    See this screenshoot (I used google translate, hope it is correct!)

    Then you said:
    “Can not copy with non latin characters – UTF – 8 only”

    2 consideration on this.
    I suggest to study what utf8 is 🙂
    – that data is saved and stored in _options table.
    That table is a standard WordPress one.

    About this:
    “There was no response from the author in my question (and probably he won’t never answer). So I decided to dig deeper and entered the author’s page.
    A big green panel was saying that free support was going to end in about 20 days from now. And I thought…what’s the use to offer a free plugin but no support?”

    First, keep in mind you asked the question on Friday at the 7.24 pm in Italy (is where i come from)
    So you can’t pretend a response in 24 hours in the weekend. Specially with free support.

    About the free support suspended:
    I was diagnosed a stress problem.
    Doctor suggested me 20 days of swith off.
    I still answer to paying customer because is the right thing to do.

    Having says this, I still giving free support too.
    It’s just delayed.
    I wrote suspend until 20 August to put my hands ahead.

    I don’t know why you’ve this encoding problem (not caused by YASR, btw) let’t continue this in the forum, we will try to fix this

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