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    Hello Ironikus,

    i get a lot of spam on a contact form and i don’t manage to trick the spammers.

    Honeypot and quiz do not help (I would like to avoid recaptcha).
    Now I have tried an IP blocker which only controls the form via short code – but this does not bring the desired effect, because the form is delivered and is only “hidden” – as far as you can see in the source code and my understanding.

    So the next step: Your encoder. But

    [eeb_protect_content protection_text="Use Javascript, to see the form." method="rot13"][cf7form cf7key="contact"][/eeb_protect_content]

    does not work because the encoder does not decode the shortcode.

    My environment: WP Fastest Cache (disabled for the page in question) and Elementor. The shortcode of CF7 would then sit inside a text field of Elementor. This works perfectly for mail/phone – so it should also work from that direction. Your encoder would have to deliver the CF7 shortcode – so I have no idea how this is technically possible.

    Thank you again!

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  • Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @wp-henne – thank you a lot for your message.
    I just checked and there are some possibilities, but it would require quite a bit of custom code.
    To avoid that, here’s what I will do: For our next version, I will launch another attribute for the shortcode, which allows you to execute shortcodes before they are protected.
    Would this solve your issue?

    Hello @ironikus,

    great! With my knowledge of the shortcodes, it’s exactly what the solution should be.
    If you need a beta tester, I am happy to support you!

    Have a nice day!

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @wp-henne – thank you a lot for your answer and your efforts, we highly appreciate that! 🙂

    I just created a demo version for you, which you can download here:

    This version adds a new parameter to the shortcode called do_shortcode. Simply set it to yes and we will execute shortcodes before that.

    Here is an example based on your info:
    [eeb_protect_content protection_text=”Use Javascript, to see the form.” method=”rot13″ do_shortcode=”yes”][cf7form cf7key=”contact”][/eeb_protect_content]

    Since we really appreciate your effort, feel free to check out the integration for this plugin.
    If you are interested in that, I’m happy to give you a free premium license. 🙂

    Thank You @ironikus!

    I immediately tested.

    Yeah! Party time!

    I am sure that this little addition will be a revolution in the fight against SPAMMERS.

    I will test the next days at several websites, where I also have other form plugins in use. Then you’ll get a tested compatibility list for the rollout of the upcoming version.

    Thank you very much for the fast beta version!

    I am honored by your invitation to and would be happy to write to you about your website. Thousands of thanks.

    Hello @ironikus

    I am pleased to confirm the following compatibility/function

    I have tested successfully:

    • Encoded CF7 within Elementor (text, shortcode and other content elements)
    • Encoded CF7 within “Ultimate shortcodes”
    • Encoded CF7 within “Ninja Kick”
    • Encoded CF7 within “Floating Contact Button”
    • Encoded Formidable Form lite
    • Encoded Ultimate Member Forms
    • I am still trying to find a solution for the Mailpoet forms.

      For all other readers:
      Please take care to use the right quotation marks inside the shortcode. If you don’t see the content of the form, the quotation marks are probably wrong.

      [eeb_protect_content protection_text="Use Javascript, to see the form." method="rot13" do_shortcode="yes"][cf7form cf7key="contact"][/eeb_protect_content]

    Plugin Author Ironikus


    Hey @wp-henne – thank you a lot for your amazing feedback and the effort you put in!
    I will soon launch a new update, including this fix.

    Regarding Feel free to just sign up for the free version and let me know once you have done it so I can assign a permanent upgrade for you. 🙂

    Hello @ironikus,

    Mailpoet works with Encoder! Didn’t see the shortcode ( I send you there more.

    Thank you!

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