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  • Url with no GET parameters, is cached as wp-supercache

    means that…

    is cached as a wp-supercache


    is cached only as wp-cache, witch is slower

    since my site use the get parameters to show a gallery….most of my urls have GET parameters

    also.. the traffic from sites like wahoha add GET parameters to my urls, so when the send a lot of traffic

    with urls like this

    my site crash

    so is ther a way to get cached as static files… no php involved even with get parameters?

    some htaccess trick?

    maybe converting


    or something like that

    another caching system?

    i try hypercache and w3 cache… and takes a lot resource in my hosting… so.. not an option

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  • using htaccess how do i get


    into this

    I’d also be happy to do supercache files from pages with get params. How would this work @donncha?

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