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Enabling wp-email.php and wp-print.php

  • I have just enabled the above two plugins at my blog and they work brilliantly! They can be found here:


    I do need help on one item though. Please check out how the “E-mail this post” plugin is being used in my blog. (For example, see this post, http://intheouter.net/archives/223, for example, and see the general info at the end of the post, ending with this: “You can print a copy of this entry or email to a friend.”.)

    Click on the “Email this to a friend.”

    Can someone tell me how to move the box so that it is more centered? And how do I format the text after the sender of the e-mail has successfully emailed the post?

    Thanks very much! (P.S. I am a complete novice with php and has so far hacked my way around the blog!)

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  • Lester Chan


    the box is center aligned.

    Regarding the text, it is from line 72 to 75 of wp-email.php

    echo “<div id=\”content\” class=\”narrowcolumn\”>Article: <b>$post_title</b> Has Been Sent To <b>$friendemail</b></div>”;


    Hi GamerZ,
    Thanks for that. I am not sure how to get the text to display in my main page properly (it currently displays in between my header and the beginning of the sidebar). Also, I wish to be able to have a “Go Back” or “Return” button to allow the user to go back. Is that possi ble?

    Lester Chan


    yap it is possible

    maybe try

    echo “<div id=\”content\” class=\”narrowcolumn\”>Article: <b>$post_title</b> Has Been Sent To <b>$friendemail</b></div>Go Back“;

    Hi GamerZ,

    Thanks for the tips… I am nearly there. I reorganized it so that the get_sidebar(); comes before the other stuff. But I am not having much success with the “go back” command because my syntax is incorrect I think:
    \\ get_header();
    \\ get_sidebar();
    \\ echo “<div id=\”content\”
    \\ class=\”narrowcolumn\”>Article: <b>$post_title</b> Has
    \\ Been Sent To <b>$friendemail</b></div>”;
    \\ echo ‘Click Here To Go
    \\ Back
    \\ get_footer();
    \\ exit();

    Can you please tell me how to put in the post_id into the link reference?


    Lester Chan


    hi try using <?php the_ID(); ?> in thw wordpress loop?

    hmm. i tried this out, but it looks like i don’t fall into the .htaccess or the the_ID() categories. I have a permalink structure along the lines of “/wp/index.php/permalink…” how do i get these plugins to work with that?



    Thanks GamerZ for a fantastic plugin! I’ve been using it for a while and love it, but just installed it on another site and it wouldn’t work for the life of me. Finally figured it out: it didn’t like the fact that it was sending a post that was dated in the future. Fixed it by removing reference to dates.

    AND post_date_gmt < '".gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s")."'

    I hope this saves anyone the hours it took me to figure it out!

    – Bradley

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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