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  • Wow, this makes me mad. I just tried in 3 web browsers with the instructions given on the codex page. We need to find an alternative to sending referrers, this is obviously bullshit.

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  • BTW with the newer nightlies you have to comment out two or three additional lines of code below that too.

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    Thanks, Jerm!

    For those still in denial:
    Whatever form it may come in, a firewall of some sort is (did I hear 99%?) the issue. I have Norton Internet Security installed on my machine, and I cannot delete posts or activate plugins unless I temporarily disable it.

    But guess what – it’s no big deal! A simple right click in the taskbar to disable it for two seconds while I delete or activate is causing me no sleep loss.

    There are far better things to be focusing on with development of WP than this issue.

    jerm – that just ocurred to me this morning, unfortunatly I can’t edit files in the wp-admin folder via the web interface (proly jsut as well) so it might have to wait until I get home.

    webchief – it’s not a firewall issue. I am not in denial. I tried it, OK? Along with just about everything else. I turned off my firewall, and I have verified that I am infact sending referer information (both with and w/o the firewall activated.) I’m wondering (read hoping) that jerm’s idea is the solution. We’ll find out later.


    PS: And as far as there being “Better things than this issue” — when it renders the site unusable, it doesn’t get much bigger.

    jerm – yer’re a genius…. it now works. That’s exactly what the problem was. The siteurl kept getting reset, which caused the problem. I’ve commented out the lines which re-set it, cleared out all cookies, reset the siteurl setting in the DB directly, and logged back into the site. I am once again able to use plugins and do other stuff.

    Woo-Hoo! I’m back!


    now, if I can figure out how to edit my website address in my forums profile…..

    Had this problem with a WP1.2.2/PHP5.0.3 installation. Downgrading PHP solved my problem. I don’t have any memory of seeing anywhere in installation instructions that 1.2.2 doesn’t like PHP5, but scanning enough support comments led me to testing that solution.

    glad i could help! 🙂 i hope this solves everyone else’s problems with sending referrers as well..

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve been following along with this thread in hopes of getting a question relating to mine, but alas, no luck.

    My setup of WordPress is somewhat unique. When people hit my site, they are directed to my reqular http:// connection. However, when I go to the site admin link, I have a little apache redirect that sets wp-login/ and wp-admin/ to my https connection as to not transmit my password over plain-text.

    Now, if I have my little redirect option turned off, this works fine. Or, if within wordpress I have it set to so that my site resides on my https connection this works fine.

    What my problem is that if I am redirected over my https connection, I get the referrers error 8(

    Is there anyway to have the admin portion reside on an https connection and the content (public) portion reside on the open connection?

    FYI: I’m using Debian’s Testing distro of wordpress. Currently, my version is at:


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    I have followed the recent info on contained on the WP press site and seem no to be getting any result. I have also been reading the comments on this problem and would appreciate it if this problem is fixed in later editions of blogs. I think you guys are doing a fanastic job and since i can’t write any PHP, i just offer prayers.

Viewing 10 replies - 76 through 85 (of 85 total)
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