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  • Hello

    Just updated to the newest version, I’m hosting my own blog and I recently wiped my netbook and installed Windows 7 with Xampp, then relocated my old xampp folder and ran the xampp_setup.bat file…

    My blog seems to work fine, but every time I navigate to

    I get an “unreachable” error in chrome. It seems like something is working right because the address bar changes to https:// at the beginning, only the wordpress admin login page doesn’t load.

    NOTE: https login page previously worked and allowed me to login before I relocated xampp folder to my newly installed windows 7 computer

    I am able to fix the problem by removing the define(force_ssl_admin) or whatever line from my wordpress “wp-admin” file. Navigating to site/wordpress/wp-admin takes me to the page right away, only that disables the SSL login.

    I’ve been searching for the better part of 5 hours today on how to get this working, can anyone please help?

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  • OK, well my first bump got deleted by admins I think? Anyways, if this question has been answered elsewhere, does anyone know a search query that might lead me to what I need?



    bump….anyone on this week who might help me?

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