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  • I had two goals.

    1. To enable Comments for Pages
    2. Disable comments for certain Pages

    I’ve got the first goal done adding <?php comments_template(); ?> to the page file or using this hack

    Is there some way to enable page comments for certain pages? Such as 5 pages out of a group of 8 pages.

    I simple yes/no answer in if this is possible would be great!


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  • When you are creating the page, you have a lot of options on the side of the editor.

    Just un-check the option where it says “Allow Comments”

    That should disable comments for that particular page. 🙂

    I can see what you mean but there is no option for that in my ‘Write Page’.

    [ ]

    Left top corner – under Discussion 🙂 you have it.
    Unchecked it will still display the “comments off” msg.

    If you want to eliminate totally on certain Pages – you should create a second Page template which doesn’t have the call for comments, and when writing Pages you can choose which template you want to use.

    I found that “comments” option but it doesn’t work. It is checked “on” for all of my static pages and None of them have the “Comments” option on them. Any ideas? I am using the default template for version 2.02.


    P.S. does it work to add onto an old thread?

    I’m running into this problem too, using the default template also. Checkbox for comments checked, but no apparent way to make any.

    I have comments_template() working correctly, and I can enable/disable comments.

    What I want to do is not display anything when posts are disabled. Right now when I disable comments_template(), there is a message below the post saying that comments are closed. I don’t want this. I want either nothing, or the ability to post.

    Is there a way of doing this? I particularly want to use it for my site, and probably others that are in the works as well.


    “What I want to do is not display anything when posts are disabled.

    Replace your call to comments_template() with this:

    if('closed' != $post->comment_status) {

    Thanks! That helps with the problem, and helps me understand more about how WordPress works.

    I spent some time learning more about this so I could get my posts to behave exactly the way I want them to. I want comments to appear on some pages, but if comments are disabled, I don’t want anything about comments to appear.

    I wrote an article about it on my website – if you need to learn more about this subject, I hope the article might help.


    My apologies to those who have tried to find the article Customizing Comments in WordPress a Template, mentioned in the post above – it’s there, but a direct link would be helpful to some! Here it is:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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