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    [Using WP/Woocommerce/Storefront latest versions]

    I see that Woocommerce has a really nice product gallery functionality.

    Is there any way to enable this functionality in a Storefront child theme so that it will work on any gallery (that is, on non-product pages)?

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    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey @electricfeet – the slider that WooCommerce uses is powered by Flexslider. More info about Flexslider here:

    It’s not possible to just enable the gallery like that.

    One of the plugins you could have a look at is Jetpack, which has a nice gallery function.

    Thanks Job. I was looking to enable the WooCommerce photo gallery software (photoswipe), not the slider/carousel.

    I’ve now installed Lightbox with PhotoSwipe. So far, it’s working well. (I see that there is also WooSwipe)

    I was hoping to avoid another(!) plugin and was worried that there might be a conflict, but so far it seems OK.

    Thanks for responding.



    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi @electricfeet – sorry for the slow response. Neither of those two plugins is developed by our company Automattic so we can’t offer much help with those. Jetpack is though, so if you’d go for that, we can help you out.

    Hi Job,
    I’m not explaining myself clearly enough, sorry!

    PhotoSwipe — the javascript image library (and not the WordPress Lightbox with PhotoSwipe plugin) — is the Lightbox /Gallery functionality currently used by WooCommerce. You can see it here in the WooCommerce Github repository.

    What I’m asking is that:

    1. given that WooThemes are using PhotoSwipe in WooCommerce and
    2. given that Storefront –written by WooThemes — will have users who need this functionality in their other non-shop/non-product pages and posts

    could the Storefront creators please consider incorporating PhotoSwipe into Storefront, in the same way it is incorporated into WooCommerce? Or at least give us an option to switch it on for all pages/posts?

    Something like an “Enable WooCommerce Gallery Lightbox on all pages?” setting.



    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hey @electricfeet – I chatted to our developers, and this was the reply:

    Storefront isn’t going to load a script that it doesn’t use. And seeing as WooCommerce registers the script, all they need to do is enqueue it on any pages they want to use it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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