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    I did this:
    We leverage functions and features of the Yoast plugin for front-end editing and SEO optimization in our GPL WP framework. Currently the Yoast plugin has no “public interface” we can use. We therefore (succesfully) wrote an adapter to be able to hook to the plugin for version The adapter we wrote exposes the SEO improvements in the front-end of WordPress. If you’re interested, the source of the adapter can be found at the bottom of this blogpost: By integrating the plugin with our framework, we improve the end user’s user experience, since we move all content editing, and SEO analysis and editing to the front-end.

    I expected the plugin to do this:
    To have a generic public stable interface that exposes core features of the WordPress SEO plugin. Basically what we need is a list of the results of applied Yoast SEO business rules, together with a indicator (from which the green, yellow and red bulbs are derived).

    Instead it did this:
    The plugin doesn’t have such a “public interface”. This means for each new version of the plugin I need to create or adjust the adapter (which I did) if the “interface” changes. As I found out the 1.4.1 version is no longer comptible with our adapter of, meaning there’s a risk that each time a new version of the plugin is released, the adapter gets broken.

    Exposing such a public interface not only would enhance our framework, but it would also put the Yoast SEO plugin to a whole new ‘level’ where third parties could further enhance the experience of the plugin. This would make the plugin even more powerful and more interesting to use and promote, like we do now.

    For more details about the practical need/purpose of the adapter for end-users, see my blog entries:

    If you need additional info or want to share some ideas first, please dont hesistate to contact me through Twitter (@barkgj) or Skype (barkgj). Thanks!

    Gert-Jan Bark

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